Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Colonial Wrapups: Texas-Two Step Ending, Crenshaw's Anger Management

A couple of interesting wrapups in the wake of Colonial.

In the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jimmy Burch points out that this is the last year (as far as we know) of the "Texas Two-Step," the back-to-back weeks in the Metroplex (the Nelson followed by Colonial). Much is up in the air, however:

Until further notice, the PGA Tour has performed its last Texas Two-Step through Dallas-Fort Worth.

When professional golfers return in 2007, they will compete in events scheduled in different months.

Both the EDS Byron Nelson Championship (April 26-29) and the Colonial tournament (May 24-27) will provide points to golfers' totals in the race to win the inaugural FedEx Cup, the tour's new method of identifying its top player.

How many points? That's to be determined.

The Colonial title sponsor? Also, to be determined.

Will the four-week gap between local tour stops become permanent? Once again, to be determined.

As for Crenshaw, I think I've written before how his nickname, "Gentle Ben," was given to him as a matter of sarcasm because of his on-course temper tantrums. Crenshaw played in the Colonial and made the cut this year, and he writes on about his love of the golf course and his respect for Ben Hogan. But he also writes about the permanent damage he once did to one of his big toes at the course:

In 1979 I was in contention when I three-putted the 16th hole on Sunday. I was mad, and as I walked off the green I kicked a big trash barrel so hard that I'm still paying for it. I've had surgery on the big toe on my right foot once, and probably will again, because the toe is arthritic. Plus, I've developed some back problems from walking on the side of my foot because of the toe.

The temper that got him sarcastically called "Gentle Ben" was much more on display in his early years, but it cropped up from time to time on the PGA Tour, too. During a 1987 Ryder Cup singles match, Crenshaw broke his putter in anger and had to use his 1-iron and sand wedge on putts the remainder of the match (he lost).

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