Thursday, May 25, 2006

Corpus Christi Muni Makeover

Gabe Lozano Sr. Golf Center, one of the two municipal courses in Corpus Christi, is getting a new strain of grass for the first time in 40 years. Given all the advances in turfgrass over that time period, this should result in smoother putting surfaces and softer fairways.

Of course, assuming anything about a municipal course is always tricky. Gabe's, as the locals call it, has struggled for years with turf conditions, including turfgrass boo-boos that killed many of the greens a couple years ago.

But at least the city is trying. For golfers, this means that 9-holes of Gabe's regulation 18 will be closed at any given time during the process, which will be taking place from June through October. While one nine is closed, golfers can make their 18-hole round by playing the open nine twice, or by combining the open nine with the facility's 9-hole executive course (the executive course is not being upgraded).

The $1.19 million makeover also includes the installation of some new sand bunkers and grass bunkers.

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