Sunday, May 21, 2006


Here is some "stuff" I found interesting recently:

• The May 20 issue of Golfweek magazine has a couple articles of interest to Texas golfers. One is on the first University of Houston team to win a national championship, back in the mid-1950s. This team launched what would become one of the great dynasties in NCAA sports history - at one point, Houston won the NCAA men's golf championship in 16 out of 19 years! And in the back of the book is a nice column about Byron Nelson by Jeff Rude. Don't believe these articles are online yet, but check in a week or so, or pick up a copy at the newsstand.

Here's a video that will be funny or pathetic, depending on your view of Bobby Knight. Knight, now the men's basketball coach at Texas Tech, is an avid golfer. During his time at Indiana he hosted a weekly golf show, and the video offers outtakes from the taping of his golf shows. Let's see, do you suspect Bobby Knight is a calm, cool, courteous golfer, or a profane screamer? Warning: This video is not child- or work-safe. Lots of very bad language flying around.

• While David Fineg's Ten Cups driving range is no more, David continues to update the Ten Cups Web site with his newest videos and articles. What was it that Bill Cosby used to say as he wrapped his introduction of the latest "Fat Albert" episode? "Be careful, or you just might learn something.

• And here's a profile of Killeen golf pro George Antunes. I always enjoy reading about golf pros at the lesser-known courses or in the smaller towns. Many times these are some of the most interesting characters in golf. They work hard and have stories to tell. Which reminds me: if you see an interesting golf article in your local newspaper, send me a heads-up by using the email address listed at the bottom of the sidebar.

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