Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Look

As regular readers will notice, I've changed the look of the Texas Golf blog again. The photo in the title bar is courtesy of

I switched things up again just for a little more consistency in appearance (colors, ad units, etc.). I stuck with a standard Blogger template because, well, I'm not very bright (something else regular readers probably notice).

If you have any thoughts on the new look - good, bad or otherwise - share in comments.

1 comment:

  1. I like this better. I still prefer the darker blue BG because I would want to use the Texas flag colors as the primary colors of the site. The problem with Texas flag colors is that since the site is a "golf" site, I would also want to have some green in there.

    To be specific, I would have the top title block red. The background dark blue. The main blog area white with your favorite shade of "golf green" for the main text. I would keep title and header text either the background color (dark blue) or a darker green.

    I like the site in any color scheme, I'm a daily reader.

    Just my two cents,


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