Monday, May 15, 2006

Pharaohs on Life Support

Last October, I wrote about Pharaohs Golf Club in Corpus Christi being put up for sale. The post was actually about the long-running commentary in Corpus Christi over the need for a third public golf course in that city of nearly 300,000.

I should say, the alleged need. Most Corpus Christi golfers like to whine about the need. I say this as a former resident of Corpus Christi who did a lot of whining on that topic myself during my many years there.

But now, I think, I was wrong. Because Pharaohs Golf Club went semi-private somewhere around 1990, and has never garnered crowds despite its fees to the public being equal to or even less than those of the two municipals.

Now, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports, there may be so little interest in Pharaohs that the course might disappear altogether.

The price for Pharaohs when it went on the market was $4.8 million. There've been no takers so far. So the club owners are now considering selling half the course to developers who would build apartments or possibly dormitories for Texas A&M-Corpus Christi students.

If a decent course like Pharaohs (nothing special on its merits, in my opinion, but certainly - at least - on the same level as the two municipal courses in town) can't find the patronage to remain in operation, then once and for all the claim that another public golf course is necessary in Corpus Christi should be put to rest.

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