Wednesday, May 17, 2006

U.S. Open Local Qualifying, Part 2

More results from the round of local qualifying for the U.S. Open (the San Antonio qualifier was played Monday, the Houston qualifier Tuesday):

San Antonio Country Club
Brett Callas, Houston, 68
Joey Zamora, Edinburg, 68
Lonny Alexander, New Braunfels, 70
Jonathan Lenz (a), San Antonio, 70
Nathan Camacho, San Antonio, 70

Houston - The Club at Carlton Woods (Fazio Course)
Jim Bob Jackson, Denton, 67
Jordan Hasbrouck, Spring, 67
Roland Thatcher, The Woodlands, 67
Michael Kullberg, Houston, 69
Brian Rowell, Houston, 69
Tjaart Van der Walt, South Africa, 69
Chris Borgen, The Woodlands, 70
Brad Lardon, Huntington, N.Y., 70
D.A. Points, Pekin, Ill., 70

Good to see someone named "Jim Bob" make it out of local qualifying in Texas.

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