Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bryan Muni Might Be in Danger

Texas A&M Health Science Center: "We're looking for a place to build our new, expanded campus, and one of the sites we're considering is the Bryan Municipal Golf Course, which would be a gift from the city of Bryan."

City of Bryan: "Um ... what?"

And that's what's happening in Bryan these days. The Texas A&M Health Science Center is looking for land on which to expand, and the center president said a few days ago the golf course is a possibility. If the center does build on the golf course, the president said, it would be the result of the City of Bryan handing its golf course over to the center. Only the Bryan mayor says he knows nothing about it, and that the city has never talked about giving away (or selling) the golf course.

Somewhere in there, there's an Aggie joke ...

However, the president of the Bryan Business Council says he's in favor of handing over the golf course. From the Bryan-College Station Eagle:

Mitch Morehead, president of the Bryan Business Council, said the city has "everything" to gain by recruiting the center to a Bryan location.

"I've always thought [the golf course] property has higher and better use to serve the community," he said. "We're excited that this site is one they're considering. If you look at anchoring our business corridor with the Texas A&M Health Science Center, the redevelopment potential in that area is tremendous, all the way into downtown Bryan. It's just a tremendous opportunity."

Morehead said he would like to see the City Council consider giving the land away.

"I believe it would be such a unique opportunity that I would support [it]," he said ...
Even if Bryan winds up giving away its golf course, that doesn't necessarily mean the city would no longer have a municipal course. Morehead said there are options for building a new course, perhaps alongside Lake Bryan.

The article in the Bryan paper goes on to note:

The City Council decided in February it would withdraw plans for a $60,000 feasibility study to determine the best use of the land on which the golf course sits. Instead the council approved a plan to upgrade the course. Needed renovations over time could amount to $4 million. About $165,000 has been authorized for golf course architect Tripp Davis and Associates to develop a plan to renovate the course. Necessary improvements include upgrades to the irrigation and drainage systems and a reworking of tee boxes, greens and fairways.

... The renovations, however, are on hold pending the outcome of the health science center site selection.

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