Saturday, July 01, 2006

Austin's Firecracker Open

The Austin American-Statesman had an interesting article a couple days ago about the Firecracker Open, the traditional Fourth-of-July weekend tournament in Austin that wraps up its 60th playing on Tuesday.

Tom Kite won the tournament in 1968, and Ben Crenshaw and Omar Uresti are a couple other big-name winners. Six-time winner Billy Clagett is back in the field this year, and he says of the event:

"A lot of really good players come here and see how short Muny is, and they think they will just tear it up," Clagett said. "That doesn't necessarily happen. Muny is short and tight, and you have to get out and play it if you want to be prepared.

"There does seem to be a trend that the younger guys are doing really well," Clagett added. "Not only are they really good players, but they are putting in the time to prepare. For any tournament, you have to prepare for that particular golf course. These young guys seem to be doing that. For older guys like me that initiative to put in a lot of preparation has subsided."

"Muny," by the way, is what Austinites call Lions Municipal Golf Course, the tournament's home.

The Firecracker Open was first played in 1945, although under a different name. It acquired the "Firecracker" monicker in 1968, and only three times has it been played at a course other than Lions.

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