Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chasing the Dream

A few weeks ago, at the U.S. Senior Open, Chuck Ellenwood played two rounds with Fred Funk and Scott Simpson. Ellenwood, a 50-year-old real estate agent from Seguin, had gone through qualifying for the tournament and earned alternate status. When Scott Hoch dropped out, Ellenwood got the call: you're in the game.

And now Ellenwood wants to stay in the game. He posted a high number in the first round, but settled down in the second to a 72 that included an eagle. His confidence restored, Ellenwood now feels he has no choice: chase the dream.

Ellenwood was profiled in an article by Richard Oliver in the San Antonio Express-News today. Ellenwood told the paper:

"I'll probably have to catch lightning in a bottle again, but I have to try.
When I'm in my 60s or 70s, lying in my bed at night, I want to have peace in my
mind that I tried. To not do it, and always wish I did — I'd be miserable to
have those kinds of regrets."

That's a pretty good summary of the motivation of every person who has chased a dream.

Ellenwood plans to join the Heartland Players Senior Tour, a mini-tour for the 50-and-over set, to start the journey. Many senior golfers choose to prep for the Champions Tour by playing the Heartland Tour. Later in the year, Ellenwood will attempt to qualifying for the two Texas Champions Tour events, and late in the year, he'll take on the Champions Tour Q-School.

We certainly wish Ellenwood the best. He'll need his A-game and plenty of luck to make it. The Champions Tour - because of how stingy it is with awarding qualifying spots - has been called the toughest tour in the world to join.

Read the full article.

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