Friday, July 28, 2006

Golf Is Lousy Exercise ...

... if all you do is ride in a cart and chug beer.

I think we all know that, yes? The Associated Press has an article about the unhealthy habits (and bodies) of most recreational golfers. It caught my eye because the golfers they talked to for the article were ones playing Grapevine Municipal. Only seems appropriate, given that Texas is home to several cities to wear the crown of "Fattest City In America" (San Antonio and Houston have both "earned" that distinction; Grapevine - DFW- in fairness has not).

Many recreational golfers play for the camaraderie, not for exercise. But if you don't want to fool yourself on the exercise front, there's a very easy way to turn golf into great exercise: walk instead of ride. And drink water or Gatorade instead of beer.

You can always ease yourself into it. If you're with a beergut who won't give up his cart, alternate riding and walking; walk three holes, then ride three. Most of us probably need all the help we can get.

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