Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kerrville Pros Weigh In On Wie

Michelle Wie is becoming quite the polarizing figure in golf. While there are many, many people (myself included) who are amazed by her talent and impressed by her drive, ambition, and willingness to entertain goals no other female golfer has ever reached, there are probably just as many people who believe she's heading down the wrong path and are, frankly, sick of hearing about her.

I'm always amused, however, by those people who complain about "Wie fatigue" but then spend half their time talking about her. There's a prominent blogger on the Web - one who's too much of a histrionic nitwit for me to bother linking to - who makes his living whining about too much Wie ... and yet 60-percent of his posts are about Wie. Dude, if you're so sick of the girl, then stop writing about her!

But I digress ...

As you've probably heard, Wie withdrew from the PGA Tour's John Deere Classic midway through her second round due to illness. She was taken to a hospital in an ambulance with an IV in her arm and treated for heat exhaustion. I hope her parents and those people who advise her parents are smart enough to realize that maybe - just maybe - they're going a little too fast with their daughter's career.

Everyone - fans, critics, and the Wies themself - need to step back and remind themselves of this: She's just a kid, she's got plenty of time, she doesn't have achieve the previously unachieved ... right ... this ... minute.

In the newspaper business, editors are always asking reporters for ideas on how to take a national story and "localize" it. The Kerrville newspaper did an excellent job localizing this story about Wie by talking to the golf pros at the courses in town.

Check it out here. It's a good read.

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