Thursday, July 20, 2006

More on the Heartland

We mentioned the Heartland Players Senior Tour in the post below. Here's a little more info about this tour:

  • Players age 47 and over are eligible to compete in tour events.
  • Willowisp Country Club in Missouri City is the "official host course" for the tour.
  • Tour events are played in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi.
  • A full field of 57 golfers (where'd they come up with that number?) produces a first prize of $5,500.

The tour has been around for close to 10 years and in that time has donated $1 million to charity. Among the recognizable names to play the Heartland Players Senior Tour over the years are David Lundstrom, Keith Fergus, Ed Fiori, Rocky Thompson, Denis Watson, Rex Caldwell, Babe Hiskey, Robert Landers and Jackie Cupit.

Much more info about the tour - including how to play in its events - is available on its Web site. (Some advice to the folks who run the tour - you desperately need a more professional Web site!)

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  1. Bogey,

    I'm with you about that crappy website, but in the thin-margin world of running golf events, THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE that the Heartland Tour has given THAT MUCH MONEY to charity. Hell, the charity usually should be the guy running the events.

    Let me rethink that... a mini-tour GIVING money away? Now that's news.


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