Monday, September 11, 2006

Getting Natural at Concan

In some ways, calling any golf course "environmentally friendly" is a misnomer, since all construction is worse for the environment compared to no construction. But developers can choose to do things with some regard for the natural environment, or without any environmental concerns.

One of the best trends in golf course development over the past 15 years is a greater emphasis on environmentally sound construction and management techniques.

Case in point: Kenneth and Barbara Arthur, owners of the ConCan Golf Course and Country Club resort currently under construction near Concan in Frio County, have hired a staff naturalist.

The Uvalde newspaper profiles naturalist Mike Overton in this article:

“Golf courses can be designed two different ways,” said Mike Overton, Frio Country naturalist, in an interview Thursday.“You can go in an clear everything off, put in your fairways and plant a few trees between fairways,” said Overton. “The other method was what we did. We left the trees, cut fairways through the trees and left as much of the natural habitat as possible intact.”

Sounds good to me.

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