Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Professional Team Golf League

I'll give the people behind the new Professional Team Golf League credit: they've got guts. They're trying something brand new in golf - a league of teams comprised of professional golfers who play home and away "games" against each other over the course of a season; and also something brand new in sports - allowing fans of the teams to have at least a little bit of control over the strategies employed by those teams.

I was going to do a lengthy post on the PTGL today, but I see that Golfchick and have beaten me to it.

So instead, I'll point out that the PTGL's "coming out" party is a USA vs. Canada match in December, and that one of the golfers representing the U.S. is well-traveled Texas pro Anthony Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is a native and resident of San Antonio who played collegiately at Texas A&M. He's been an All-American, a member of the PGA Tour and a member of the Nationwide Tour. In 2006 he played on the Canadian Tour (as did all the pros taking part in the PTGL kickoff event). Learn more about Anthony at his PTGL profile page.

And lots more details about the PTGL can be found at

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