Monday, December 18, 2006

Rodriguez Leads Team USA

Congratulations to Texas A&M product and San Antonio resident Anthony Rodriguez for being named MVP of Team USA in the inaugural event held by the Pro Team Golf League (PTGL).

The PTGL's plan is to have "teams" of golfers representing cities across North America, just as teams do in the NFL, for example. These teams will meet in a regular-season schedule of Ryder Cup-style competitions, but with a twist: registered fans - the PTGL calls them "Pro Coaches" - get to set team strategy (pairings, order of play) by voting on the league Web site.

The PTGL tee-off event was a USA vs. Canada match, featuring players from the Canadian Tour, played in Jamaica over the weekend.

Rodriguez went 3-0 in the competition, winning a foursome and a fourball match, along with his singles match, and was named "most valuable player." (Seems like that should be MVG.)

You can read more about this event, plus watch video from the competition and read up on the PTGL's plans and "Pro Coaches" procedures, at

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