Tuesday, January 23, 2007

La Vernia Course Apparently Closed

The course in question is Quail Run Golf Club, and I say "apparently" because there is some uncertainty over what exactly has happened. Everyone in La Vernia has heard that the course is closed, but nobody seems to know the full story, and according to some rumors it's possible - but unlikely - that Quail Run could reopen at some undetermined point in the future. But more possible that the closing is permanent.

Follow all that?

Here's the story as I know it: About 10 days ago, a Texas Golf reader contacted me to let me know that Quail Run had closed. I began trying to contact course and city officials, while the reader talked to friends who live around the course.

I've had no luck contacting course officials. La Vernia city officials have tried their best to be helpful, but their answers are all the same: "Yes, we heard the course closed, but we don't know any more about it."

Meanwhile, my intrepid reader visited the course and reported back: "All the tee boxes and flags are gone ... a sign at the entrance to the clubhouse said 'We regret the closing of Quail Run' and any members would be receiving a refund check soon. That was it ... no more indication of what was going to happen. The real sad part is that there is a new house going up on the 13th green ... I hope the owners did not expect to live on a golf course."

Yep, sound like a closing to me. The only reason for the caveats about whether this is complete and final is that I've heard one rumor about the shutdown being temporary to allow for reorganization and, hopefully, and eventual reopening. But that certainly doesn't sound too likely at this point.

What will happen to the Quail Run golf course? Will it simply be abandoned to be reclaimed by nature? Might it be sold off?

No way to tell, because so far the owners aren't talking.

So this looks like the sad end to what has been a sad story. Those of you who know Quail Run might have thought "but how could you tell?" after reading the line above - "abandoned to be reclaimed by nature."

Quail Run opened in La Vernia, maybe 10 years ago, as the centerpiece of a neighborhood development in the country outside of town. It was originally called Las Palomas Country Club. Then the named changed to The Lynx at Las Palomas, then finally to Quail Run.

The course was as close to a true links-style layout as you can get away from a coastline. It was built on very sandy soil, playing areas lined by tall, reedy grasses blowing in the breeze; lots of sand traps, some of them deep; nearly treeless and buffeted by winds. The course also had small, interesting greens that I always liked.

But I never saw it in anything other than terrible condition. Cart paths were worn ruts; fairways were hardpan mixed with thin, patchy grass; hazards were constantly deteriorating and some never reclaimed.

Quail Run will, for me, always stand as a sad example of what happens when a potentially excellent golf course is - for whatever reason - given up on by the people who should be taking care of it. The current owners purchased it about 3-4 years ago with plans to reverse the trend. And they succeeded in drabs, marginally improving course conditions and luring some golfers back. But now, that appears over, too.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    It has also been rumored that the current owners went bankrupt and the course was picked up by others that plan to reopen it. Dont know when... but I sure hope they have plenty of money to make it into something worth paying to play. They really need to just start over and rebuild it.

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I was terribly saddened by the closing of the course. I live not more than 3 miles from it, and have played it from before it even opened until about 3 months ago. It is a crying shame that the course has been left to waste - the potential was there to have it be a great course and a wonderful golf community. The second that it re-opens, I'll be there to play again...I always found the course challenging and truly unique in this part of the state. Bring it back to life -- PLEASE...

  3. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I have heard that Quail Run has reopened as of Saturday Feb 24, 2007.
    Could the third time, be a charm for this course? Hopefully they have the money.

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Played the course today (05/28/2007)... all the rain has really helped...still not in great shape, but its cheap. Looks like it has some new life in it, will see how far it goes...parking lot was over half full!!

  5. Anonymous12:31 AM

    The course will partially re-open in July 2008. The new phone number is 830-947-4002. Watch the newpaper for our ad.

    Jim Moore

  6. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Hello Everyone, Aug.25, 2008
    Quail Run Golf Course is owned by different people now. The previous owners did go bankrupt. They are now open from 7am to 7pm Tuesday thru Sunday. The cost at this point is $15 including 1/2 cart and unlimited play. Only the back 9are open as they have had hog damage on the front 9. October will be the opening of the front nine. As the price will go up to $20 with 1/2 cart. They are also offering availiablity for weddings, meetings, partys, and anything else in this area of entertainment. They have a local catering company they will be using and also have beer and wine. All new staff and grounds people. I have been out to golf several times now and the grounds are great. They have changed some things up and put a new face on the place. I was welcomed with very friendly and knowledgeable people. They also offered childrens golf classes and from what I understand it has been very successful. I have been out there when the classes were going on and found many , many children there learning. Our future golfers. I also have been told they are in the process of hiring an on site pro for the adults. The new owners seem like they are doing what it takes to get the place going again. They offer a seniors 50 and up tournment every Wednesday starting at 8am and a Saturday Scramble every Saturday starting at 11am. I live in the local area and have watched this place bloom the last 3 months and what a site it is to see. I hope this answers some of the questions that I have read on here. I don't know the number there but I do know it is open and running everyday but Monday.

  7. Anonymous9:20 PM

    The course is open and running I am golfing there every week. There have been changes made from new staff to remodeling. Looks like the new owners are taking this very serious.

  8. Anonymous10:32 PM

    The course needs alot of work, it took a terrible beating. Good luck to the new owners. You have a diamond in the making, just keep with it and dont raise the price to quickly.

  9. Anonymous9:25 PM

    This course is absolutely shut down completely. The greens and fairways have been taken back by nature. The course has not seen water or maintenance for months. There is no restarting this club, it is history.

  10. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Anyone know what is going on at Quail Run. There was a community meeting 4/30/2010 about the course and is seems like someone is trying to buy it. The main principle is an individual by the name of Jess Turner, a film maker??and according to him some sort of golf developer and youth organizer... after attending the meeting and doing some internet research.. sounds kinda fishy and like a scam of some sort. No real concrete plan of what he is going to do and when....

  11. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I drove by and looked around 10/30/2010 and it's deserted. Outdoor fans are missing the panels and it's overgrown and taken over by nature. It's eerie and it makes me sad. Maybe someone can just make it into a driving range or restaurant. Come on people with money and management minds, you can do something! I only wish...and dream.


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