Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Maverick Golf Club Opens in Floresville

I can recall reading about a soon-to-open golf course in Floresville, southeast of San Antonio, as far back as 2003. The course was part of a neighborhood development by the same developer who was behind the popular River Crossing Golf Club in Spring Branch, north of San Antonio.

But the course never seemed to get finished. That's changed, however. Finally, three years after reading in the local paper that the course would be open "in about six months," the new track is ready.

Maverick Golf Club opened in December 2006 in the Avalon subdivision off Highway 181 Business in Floresville, about 30 minutes southeast of Downtown San Antonio.

"Golf - Texas Style" is the club's marketing slogan.

In the heart of Avalon is the 18-hole Maverick Golf Club, a public facility with the soul of a lush private course.

Maverick Golf Club is not only the golf center of Avalon, it is a social center as well, providing both a wonderful dining experience at the Green Pepper Restaurant, and an event area at the Pavilion.

The course is 7,030 yards from the tips and a par 72. Other tees play to 6,583 yards, 6,264, 5,868 and 5,247. The club's Web site description of the course states:

The beautiful oak trees and meandering streams that give the golf course its character are joined with elevation changes, multi-tiered greens and challenging areas of forced carry—including water features—and areas of forced lay-up in a links-style course.

Added to the magnificent topography and course design is the blowing wind (and in Texas, the wind really blows) and The Maverick Golf Club can be a formidable challenge for even scratch golfers.

The description goes on to call Maverick "one of the only true links courses in South Texas." Now, if you're like me, you read the description above and you look at the top photo and you think to yourself, "These people don't know what a links course is. Because based on this evidence, Maverick ain't no links course."

But whether they know how to accurately describe their own course or not, it does look and sound like a promising place to play. I hope to get over there soon.

The bottom photo shows Maverick Golf Club's "aqua range," a driving range where water surrounds many of the target greens.

See more at the Maverick Golf Club Web site.


  1. You took the words right out of my head, "ain't no links course".

    The photos look great though and the range looks like a ton of fun!!



    Glenbrook in Houston is doing some work in the form of lengthening the course, going to a par 72, and other general improvements. I played there a few weeks ago and was suprised by how much extra lenght they are squeezing out of the already tight track.

    It's rumoured the Galveston muni will be closing it's doors sometime in february for a year or so for renovations. I plan to play there in the next week or so and I'll see if I can verify.

    I like Glenbrook because it offered many short holes that provided a scoring opportunity (if you could find the narrow fairways). I was never happy with the cost to play there though as there are many local courses that offer more value. With the renovations, I curious if the price will remain the same (offering a better value), and what the new slope/rating will be. I suspect it will be quite a test from the tips.


  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    The Maverick Golf Course was coming along just great until this year (2008). I just visited there and the appearance of the entrance, housing and course is deterioating. Looks like the owners don't care anymore. The prices have been jacked up high, the food at the grill has fallen below standard, streets are broken up at the entry and the landscaping is pathetic. Is this going to be a Quail Run #2 very soon???? Hope not as we enjoyed playing at the Maverick.

  3. Anonymous6:08 PM

    The place just went into bankruptcy. The owner and management have run all the people who made the place great off. Can't wait for new owner(s) and management...it will be good to see the faces back again who will not spend a dime while the old owner and present management are there.

  4. Anonymous6:43 AM

    This place is horrible. I played the course last year and it was so much fun. I brought a group of 20 players to the course in July 2008 hoping that it would be as great of place as it once was but boy was I disappointed. The employees who are working there were so rude and discourteous, especially the manager. The food was horrible, cold and overcooked, the dishes they served our food on were filthy, and the bathrooms in the clubhouse and out on the course were so smelly and filthy....the place is totally run down and dirty. The overall appearance of the whole place is disgusting. The prices have been jacked up so high it is not worth it. The greens were brown and there is fungus on most of them and a lot of weeds everywhere. The carts were dirty and barely ran. I will NOT return and I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. I'd rather spend my money in San Antonio where you feel welcome as a golfer.


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