Friday, February 16, 2007

Del Rio Course May Be Expanding

Seems to have been a lot of news lately about courses closing, and other courses opening, and still other courses expanding.

One of the expansions might be taking place soon in Del Rio, where the only public course is the city-owned San Felipe Country Club. This course operates like many small-town courses do: a private club offers memberships and has its own private facilities, but the golf course itself is open to the public.

Well, turns out that private club also owns acreage adjacent to the city-owned land the golf course sits on. The Del Rio newspaper reports:

SFCC proposes to give the city about 55 acres of land north of and adjacent to the course for development as a nine-hole golf course – as an addition to the existing nine holes – or to hold in perpetuity as a protective buffer for San Felipe Springs. In various presentations made by John Plumb, investment banker at The Bank & Trust, on behalf of the project, the triphammer message has been that the city should grab this opportunity quickly.

Beavan repeated the message Tuesday, stressing the Economic Development Advisory Committee’s unanimous stance that a full, 18-hole golf course would be an economic asset to the entire community. “This opportunity is here now,” Beavan warned, saying that the country club is at liberty to sell the land offered to the city if the swap is not consummated.

Plumb echoed Beavan’s message, saying his message to council remains unchanged. “We were asking you to very quickly approve the land swap … or we will go through with our plans to sell, and operate like a business.”

Beavan reminded council members that SFCC has requested the land swap only, but is in no way pressuring the city to develop a golf course. But, in addition to the swap’s inherent potential to help preserve the San Felipe Creek corridor and add protection to the city’s chief water source, Beavan reiterated the economic advantages of having a regulation golf course, as enjoyed in many other cities.

Yes, many other cities do enjoy an 18-hole public golf course. Sounds like a no-brainer for the Del Rio city council.

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