Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Big Plans for Texas Open

The San Antonio Business Journal has an article on its Web site headlined "Texas Open setting sights on big names, network TV." Unfortunately, the article is hidden behind a subscription wall, but the first two paragraphs certainly tease a great story:

There is no bigger name in the world of golf than Tiger Woods, whose appearance at tournaments brings the promise of crowded galleries and a heightened level of national media exposure.

Now, more than a decade since Woods last played in the Texas Open, local tournament officials are working with the PGA on a series of important changes that could help lure Woods, other top marquee names and major network television exposure back to the Alamo City.
Hey, that's a story I've got to read! So I visited a few newsstands and bought a print copy of the Biz Journal (what? paying for news? who's ever heard of such a thing?).

I paid a whole buck-fifty for the issue, quickly turned the article in question, and learned .... absolutely nothing. Turns out the article includes nothing in the way of new information. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Everything in the article has been reported before by Bogey's friend Richard Oliver in the San Antonio Express-News (and subsequently cribbed by yours truly for Texas Golf). In fact, Richard has been reporting this stuff for close to two years now. Good of the Biz Journal to finally acknowledge that something in happening in the world of San Antonio golf, but they're a little late to the party.

At any rate, here are the keypoints:

  • The Texas Open has the right-of-first-refusal for any spring date that opens on the PGA Tour schedule, and so should soon be moving to the spring.
  • A spring date makes it likely that the quality of the field will improve, and perhaps even some big names will play the Texas Open again.
  • The move to a new date will be accompanied by a move to a new golf course, the TPC course currently under construction in San Antonio.

Man, that's a buck-fifty I'll never get back ...

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