Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eidolon President Launches Blog

terry koehler - eidolon golfPort O'Connor isn't the first place you expect to be home to a golf club manufacturer. But it is, and Eidolon Golf is the company. Eidolon V-Sole wedges have drawn many good notices over the past several years from club reviewers and equipment aficionados.

Which, given the pedigree of Eidolon's founder, president and wedge designer, probably shouldn't be suprising. That man is Terry Koehler (pictured).

Koehler, a lifelong Texan, entered the golf industry through the marketing side, but by the early 1980s had designed his first putter. By the late '80s, a putter Koehler independently developed was being used by a dozen or so PGA Tour players. He went on to develop putters and wedges for Merit Golf, then the "Sure-In" line of putters for Ben Hogan Golf.

In 1994, Koehler became Director of Marketing for the Hogan Company. Koehler then became president of the Reid Lockhart golf company, developing wedges that are still talked about today by some hardcore equipment gurus. Reid Lockhart eventually purchased the Ray Cook Company - are you still with me? - and Koehler's wedges went with him to Ray Cook.

Then finally, a few years back, Koehler settled in Port Arthur and launched another startup, Eidolon Golf.

That's a lot of experience, almost all of it focused on the short game. And that's what makes Koehler a great person to talk about equipment.

And that's what Koeler is now doing with his own blog, called The Wedge Guy. Check it out. It's only a few days old, just two posts as I write this, but you'll get a sense of what's to come.

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