Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Hole-In-One for the "King of Aces"

Mancil Davis is a native Texan who has earned the monicker "King of Aces" because he makes so darn many of them. Fifty-one of them, to be exact.

You read that right: Davis has made a world-record 51 holes-in-one in his golf career (he also holes the world record with 10 double-eagles).

No. 51 recently came at The Woodlands Country Club, where he once served as directory of golf. Here's the press release:

Mancil Davis, perhaps better known as the "King of Aces" for his PGA World Record 50 holes-in-one, has now added to the total, scoring his 51st career ace on Monday, April 16 at the Woodlands, Texas. Davis scored the record extending shot during a Celebrity Golf Event, on the 7th hole from a distance of 154 yards.

Davis, who appropriately enough serves as the Director of Golf Operations for the Dallas, Texas-based National Hole-In-One Association, first claimed the PGA record in 1982, when he surpassed the late Art Wall, who held the title with a total of 42 holes-in-one.

Mancil appears at corporate, charity, member-guest, or any special golf event. Corporate or charity guests enjoy a full day with the PGA's career hole-in-one leader (a total of 51) and will also have the chance to win fabulous prizes for scoring their own hole-in-one.

Davis' first ace came at age 11. He once aced 8 holes in one year, including three in a single week, and recorded at least one hole-in-one every year from 1967 through 1987. You can read more about Davis and his exploits on his Web site.

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