Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cleveland Fitting Studio in Dallas

Interesting press release that came across the transom:

Huntington Beach, CA ... In conjunction with The Golf Performance Institute of Dallas, Cleveland Golf has announced a Dallas based fitting studio in support of its current line of golf clubs. The Golf Performance Institute of Dallas, powered by Cleveland Golf, will offer custom club fitting and use the same proprietary software used by Cleveland to fit their PGA Tour professionals.

The Studio uses a radar-based tracking device that measures more aspects of a golf shot than any other traditional launch monitor system. This Four (4) camera system and advanced proprietary software to provide extremely accurate information on the player, the club head, and the ball throughout the swing. This information is invaluable for the optimal fitting of golf clubs. The fitting process identifies which head and shaft combination maximizes distance, accuracy, and consistency for every type of golfer. All players will receive a written fitting profile for Cleveland Golf clubs.

Unlike all other Cleveland retailers, custom equipment will not have to be ordered. Pickup will be available usually the following day. Fittings are by appointment only. Grand opening is scheduled for late April.

GPI of Dallas Web site

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