Sunday, April 29, 2007

TPC Las Colinas Greens a Disgrace

Is there anyone who watched the Byron Nelson Championship this week without noticing the condition of the greens and thinking to themselves, "Gee, that looks like my local muny"? I doubt it. Some of the greens, including No. 18, had huge, dead brown patches on them, and some that didn't make TV were apparently even worse.

I don't know what the problem was, but if I owned that resort, the Directory of Agronomy would have to convince me that no superintendent could have had the greens in better condition or he'd be looking for a new job.

The players were no too happy about it, many of them saying these were worst greens they'd play on all year. (Why did this have to happen to a Texas course? Texas golf is already picked upon enough.)

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

A sampling of feedback:

Rich Beem

On the greens: "We're in the heart of Texas, and you can do something for greens. Thankfully, it's only one week, and they won't show some of the ones that are really bad on TV."

1-5 scale (5 being the worst): 5. "They didn't even register on Monday."

Tripp Isenhour

On the greens: "I played Wednesday before the pro-am and thought they'd be a disaster. They've done a great job getting it back. I only had about two or three bouncy [putts]."

1-5 scale: 3 1/2 . "A little below average. They get a very-improved award."

Craig Bowden

On the greens: "Compared to what we're used to, they're below average, but we're spoiled."

1-5 scale: 3.

Bill Haas

On the greens: "The 15-footers are easier to make than the 4-footers. You've got to hit 'em easy, or they'll bump off. This course already tests your patience, but even more with greens like this."

1-5 scale: 3.

Richard S. Johnson

On the greens: "I think they're better than they were last year. They look worse, but I think they're smoother."

1-5 scale: 4. "They're not good, but not as bad as they look on TV."

Billy Andrade

On the greens: "They're going to blow the place up on Monday and spend several million. What's the point of spending a couple million to fix it for one year?"

1-5 scale: 4.

Corey Pavin

On the greens: "I could give you the standard line, 'We all play the same greens,' but they're not good. By tour standards, it's unfortunate."

1-5 scale: "I'm not going to give you a number."

Phil Mickelson

On the greens: Uh, they're fine. They're fine.

1-5 scale: "I don't know. The hole locations are making accommodations, putting them in the best parts of the green."

Brett Wetterich (defending champion)

On the greens: "There's a few bad spots, but the putts I had, I didn't have any problem with it."

1-5 scale: "I stay away from questions like that."

Billy Mayfair

On the greens: "It's too bad. Normally the course here is in such great shape. We had 108, 110 [degree] heat index hear last year. Now we're in jackets. When the tour switches [the schedule] around, we're going to run into this. Tournaments aren't ready to have it a month early sometimes. You've got to blame this on the tour."

1-5 scale: [No number given] "They're the worst we'll putt on all year."

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