Monday, May 21, 2007

Kelli Kuehne to Coach UT?

kelli kuehne university of texas coachOne of my favorite female golfers, the delectably cute Kelli Kuehne (that's right, I said it!), has struggled on the LPGA Tour the past couple years. She might have a new calling, however: coach of the University of Texas women's golf team.

Longtime UT coach Susan Watkins resigned recently after 14 years. Golfweek college golf writer Beth Ann Baldry recently asked Kuehne if she would consider returning to Austin to become a college golf coach. Kelli's answer: Yes, but probably not right now.

From "Blog University," Golfweek's college golf blog:

Couple more thoughts on the open position at Texas. Talked to Kelli Kuehne last night and happened to float out the possiblity of her returning to Texas.

“Crazily enough the thought has crossed my mind,” said Kuehne. “There’s something about everyone who goes to Texas that makes you want to bleed orange.”

But she quickly went on to say that she’s not ready to hang up her cleats yet. Kuehne spent time as a volunteer assistant at Texas in 2005 while rehabbing her knee. The former Lone Star turns 30 years old Friday and said she sees settling down in Austin to coach as a possiblity after she’s remarried and ready to start a family.

Word on the street is there’s another former Texan who is interested in the job – Cindy Figg-Currier.

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