Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Seguin's Chaparral Golf Club, a semi-private course whose advertising has long claimed "the best greens in Texas," has been sold. The new owners plan course upgrades, starting with new bunkers. And they've changed the name of the course to The Golf Club of Seguin.

Former owner T.J. Bates is quoted in the article saying, "Chaparral has always been known to have the best greens in Texas, they were head and shoulders above everybody else."

What a crock. Not that there has ever been anything wrong with Chaparral's - excuse me, The Golf Club of Seguin's - greens on the several times I've played there. They've been fine. But the best greens in Texas? Gimme a break.

If a newspaper interviews me and I say, "Bogey McDuff has long been known to be the best driver of the golf ball in Texas, and to be desired by every woman he meets between the ages of 18 and 48," would a newspaper just rush that into print?

C'mon, everyone knows I'm just an average driver.


  • Scott Verplank jumped 37 spots in the World Golf Rankings after winning the Byron Nelson Championship, from No. 68 to No. 31.

  • The NCAA women's golf regionals are coming up May 10-12. Texas A&M is the No. 5 seed in the East Regional. The Central Regional includes No. 7 TCU, No. 8 Baylor and No. 15 SMU.

  • The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle newspaper has a profile of Shawn Strohman, head pro at The Escondido Club at Horseshoe Bay (the Wyoming paper misidentifies Escondido as being in Dallas). Why is this in a Wyoming paper? Because Strohman - who was previously head pro at Lakewood Country Club in Dallas - is from Cheyenne.

  • In 2005, Sam Houston State University purchased Ravens Nest Golf Course from the City of Huntsville as part of establishing a Professional Golf Management program at the school. The university's newspaper, the Houstonian, takes at a look at how that purchase has worked out (short version: very well, thank you).

  • Some of our readers may recall that I used to be involved with BunkerShot.com. Alas, too much work in other areas caused me to leave those duties behind. Lucky for BunkerShot.com readers, because Tony Vaught - long involved in Central Texas golf and currently tour director in San Antonio and Austin for the Golf Galaxy Tour - took over. And Tony has just been named editor of a new South Central U.S. edition of BunkerShot.com that will cover Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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