Monday, May 14, 2007

Texas' Taylor Leon in the News

taylor leon trent tylerThat's a photo of University of Georgia golfer Taylor Leon and her brothers, Tyler (left) and Trent (right), who play for Oklahoma State University. The golfing Leons are a Dallas family, and the siblings all accomplished great things in Texas junior golf before heading off out state for their collegiate careers.

And Taylor has been in the new a lot lately. One of the top-ranked collegiate female golfers, Taylor announced a few days ago that she is turning pro after this, her sophomore, season.

Why go pro now? Well, the news that came out Monday might have something to do with it: Georgia women's golf coach Todd McCorkle recently resigned, and it was learned Monday that he quit after a university investigation revealed that his players believed he was making inappropriate sexual comments and behavior.

And it turns out, according to the AP report, that the Leon's father, Art Leon of Dallas, is the one who first tipped off the school to the potential problem. It's a sordid story; you can read the AP article if you want the details.

I'll focus instead on Taylor's pending leap to the professional ranks. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had a lengthy article about it, and it sounds like the family is convinced that Taylor will be a superstar, based as much on her looks and personality as on her golf:

She has Breck Girl hair, a Revlon face and a Colgate smile. She also has a killer golf game, and all sports marketing types clamoring to represent her.

Enjoy an endorsement-free look at Taylor Leon now. Because in the next few weeks or so, the Georgia golf star probably be hawking something, likely golf-related but not necessarily.

"She's being pursued by a number of sports agency firms," said her father, Art Leon, who has been approached by IMG, Octagon and SFX Golf, among others. "She's attractive with a beautiful smile and an outgoing personality, and she can play the game of golf. They all want Taylor Leon to be a brand name, like Mizuno or Titleist. You'll see her face and recognize who she is."

There's also an interesting article from last year on the Leon clan that appeared in Golf World.

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