Wednesday, May 23, 2007

U.S. Open Local Qualifying

More results from U.S. Open - men's and women's - local qualifying sites in Texas. Only those advancing to sectionals, and alternates, are listed. An "a" in parentheses indicates amateur; an "a" before a player's name indicates alternate.

Shadow Lake Golf Club, Richmond
Brett Callas, Houston, 67
Kyle Kelley (a), Houston, 67
Ryan Nelson, Houston, 67
Mark Smith, Afghanistan, 67
Cory Whitsett (a), Houston, 67
Adam Meyer, Fort Worth, 68
Shawn Stefani, Bayton, 68
a-Brian Rowell, Lafayette, La., 68
a-Blake Redmond (a), Sugar Land, 69

San Antonio Country Club
Gibby Martens, San Antonio, 68
Justin Otto, Horseshoe Bay, 70
Ted Soule, Austin, 70
Steven Yawn (a), San Antonio, 70
Mark Macejewski (a), San Antonio, 71
a-David Petry, San Antonio, 71
a-Geoff Howard (a), San Antonio, 72

Canyon Creek Country Club, Richardson
Kate Ackerson (a), Allen, 75
Megan Dowdy (a), Leander, 75
Carrie Chambers, Elk City, Okla., 76
Wendy Mazza, Oklahoma City, Okla., 76
Lindsay Cullen (a), Dallas, 77
Mina Hardin (a), Fort Worth, 77
Anita Ojeda (a), Chile, 77
Ashley Rollings (a), Austin, 77
Lisa DePaulo, Austin, 78
Kendall Dye (a), Edmond, Okla., 78
Shannon Fish (a), Spring, 78
Nicole Melton, San Antonio, 78
Susan Redman, Spanish Fort, Ala., 78
Amy Ruengmateekhun (a), Garland, 78
Sarah Zwartynski (a), Allen, 78
Jennifer Ackerson (a), Dallas, 79
Kelly Fuchik (as), Tulsa, Okla., 79
Tanya Wadhwa (a), India, 79
a-Anna Schultz (a), Rockwall, 79
a-Stephanie Smith (a), The Woodlands, 79
a-Ana Carrillo (a), Mexico, 79
a-Lisa McCloskey (a), Montgomery, 79


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Other than Norwood CC, do you know of any other sectionals being played in the dallas area?

  2. Northwood on June 4 is the only Texas sectional for the men.

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Any sectional qualifying for the women in Texas?

  4. June 11 at Westwood in Houston


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