Saturday, June 02, 2007

Business is Trip Kuehne's Game

The golfing Kuehnes of Irving are quite a clan. There's Kelli, U.S. Women's Amateur and British Amateur winner, LPGA Tour winner, Solheim Cup member; Hank Kuehne, U.S. Amateur winner, PGA Tour member; and Trip Kuehne ...

Hey, don't feel bad for Trip. There are plenty of great golf accolades on his resume' too: 2-time Walker Cupper, runner-up to Tiger Woods at one of Woods' U.S. Am wins, plenty of local, state and regional amateur victories, and wins in some big national amateur tournaments.

Trip has chosen a different path than his more famous siblings. He's still a great golfer - he teamed with Terrence Miskell to win a TGA tournament just a couple weeks ago, and he's a strong candidate to make the Walker Cup team this year - but his primary focus these days is on business.

Trip runs a money management company in the Metroplex, and he's very successful at that, too. Golf World has a nice profile of Trip, his golf and his business - you can read it online here.

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