Tuesday, June 05, 2007

U.S. Open Sectional Results

Final results from the U.S. Open sectional qualifier played in Dallas on Monday:

Hunter Mahan, 73-63-136
Justin Leonard, 70-67-137
Ryan Palmer, 69-68-137

Jaxon Brigman, 71-68-139
Stuart Deane, 73-66-139

Failed to Qualify
Tommy Armour III, 69-71-140
Chris Cureton, 69-71-140
Corey Pavin, 72-68-140
Shawn Stefani, 74-66-140
(a) Brian Noonan, 71-70-141
(a) Bruno Buccolo, 73-69-142
(a) Cory Whitsett, 74-68-142
Richard Barcelo, 72-71-143
Andrew Dresser, 76-67-143
(a) William Kropp, 70-74-144
(a) Conrad Shindler, 67-77-144
Dustin Risdon, 73-72-145
Chris Wheeler, 72-73-145
(a) Jesse Barnsley, 74-72-146
(a) Steven Yawn, 71-75-146
Brett Callas, 74-73-147
(a) Adam Wennerstrom, 77-70-147
(a) Mitch Cohlmia, 73-75-148
Jeb Stuart, 76-73-149
Ryan Nelson, 77-73-150
Mark Smith, 75-77-152
(a) Mark Macejewski, 79-77-156
Greg Chalmers, 68-WD
Luke Lane, 70-WD

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