Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kings Crossing Going Public?

Kings Crossing Country Club in Corpus Christi has always been, in my opinion, an underrated course. But then, it's easy for a course to be underrated when it has persistent condition problems, as Kings Crossing has for much of its existence. I once heard that a previous greenskeeper at the club was secretly pumping water out of the Laguna Madre to get around watering restrictions. He got the water he wanted, but the high salinity of the Laguna Madre killed the grass it was put on. Smart move.

Kings Crossing, an early design of Bill Coore (before he started working with Ben Crenshaw), has always struggled attracting members. It was put up for sale several months ago. There were reports the City of Corpus Christi might purchase it, but that didn't happen.

However, I'm now hearing that the club has sold, and that the new owners plan to open it to the public. Presumably it will be semi-private, and existing memberships will be honored and new ones sold. But if true (I've been unable to nail down this rumor so far) it will certainly add an attractive new public golf option to the Coastal Bend area.


  1. Hi:

    I am a member at Kings Crossing CC, in Corpus Christi, and have been one since 2003. (I played the course twice shortly after it opened in the mid 1980's, then left Corpus Christi for some years.)

    The club is still owned by Basil Beck. The sale mentioned in your article didn't happen. He's decided to get the club back into top condition.

    As to current condition: the team is working very hard to get it back to where it was when I joined, when it was in good shape. FWIW: Number 11 was redesigned somewhat, with water all down the left side and some bunkers and a pond placed to make driving the green a rare event for anyone who is not Fred Couples or Bubba Watson. (It usually plays downwind.)

    No comment on the rumors, other than to point out that the turnover in greenskeepers/superintendents had a negative effect. Having a steady team in place is having a positive effect.

    If you call Bruce, our Pro (he spent some years as pro at the Gabe Lazano public course in Corpus Christi) he can tell you how public play works.

    Bruce can be reached at 361-994-1395. It's still a great layout --of course Kings Crossing being my home course makes that a biased opinion. :-)

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Oh one other awesome feature to note on Number 11 is the 10 foot high privacy fence behind a long time members home...who failed to cave to Mr. Beck's extortion attempt.
    The course continues to decline, Mr. Beck continues to NOT PAY his employees...hence the Mother's day walk out...and he continues to issue threats to people who arent falling for it.
    People are onto Mr. Beck and his days of bullying are about over.


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