Thursday, August 16, 2007

Newport Dunes Brings Changes to Port A

Do you love the trinkets-and-t-shirts feel of Port Aransas? A Texas beach town where flip-flops and shorts are the out of choice.

Well, those flip-flops and shorts might soon give way to a lot more Foot-Joys and khakis once the big-time resort under construction right next door to Port Aransas is completed. The golf course is due to be finished in mid- to late 2008.

The development is called Newport Beach and Golf, and the golf course is called Newport Dunes. Arnold Palmer's company is designing the course, and Arnie sounds pretty excited about it. In a press release the developer sent out, Arnie said, "Newport Dunes is the most unique golf course design I have constructed because it is my first true ocean location, and it is designed in a Scottish style."

As a golfer, I'm pretty excited to see a true links course (assuming this one lives up to its billing) come to the Texas coast. But another part of me is a little leary of this project. I don't want Port Aransas to lose its kitschy charm, and I hate seeing Texas dunes give way to another development of conrete and steel.

The golfer in me can't wait to see the finished product and give it a go. Another part of me wishes this project (and others like it) had never come along in the first place.

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