Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anthony Rodriguez on "Big Break Mesquite"

The next season of "The Big Break" on The Golf Channel starts in just a couple weeks with "Big Break Mesquite," filmed in Mesquite, Nev. One of the contestants is San Antonio's Anthony Rodriguez, a Texas A&M star in the late 1980s who has held PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour status in his career and now plays on mini-tours.

The clip below is The Golf Channel's "meet the contestants" clip about Anthony. It looks like Anthony is the villain this year. See for yourself:

There's another a clip, a series preview, in which Rodriguez is shown throwing clubs, cursing other contestants, being mocked as "Hollywood" and "A-God" (as opposed to "A-Rod") by other contestants, and in which other golfers talk about how much they, well, hated him.

Is there no such thing as bad publicity? Looks like Rodriguez may soon be finding out.


  1. Anthony who? Give me a break. All this guy did was show the world how to create an air of arrogance, resting on his laurels as a fairly decent one time future has been. It burns me up to see a guy turn into a cry baby, saying things "aren't fair" and telling everyone he really is a better golfer than what we've seen. What happened to behaving like a gentleman? We all miss two footers from time to time...but throwing clubs whenever the opportunity arises? PLEASE! Put this turkey back where he came from. Poor San Antonio!

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    I agree. He claims he is better than what was seen. His actions and shitty results speak much much louder than his loud pompous braggart words. To put it bluntly, Anthony is a dick.

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I know him from San Antonio. What you saw on TV is the real Anthony. Just ask any of the guys he plays with at Oak Hills or Sonterra. I'm surprised he didn't get kicked off the show for hitting on the female co-host. Anthony usually lets the wrong head control his life. So sad. He is a great player. He just needs someone to pull his head out of his butt. Robert Gomez is probally the most to blame when it comes to Anthony's short stay on the PGA Tour. I doubt Anthony will get things staighten out. He can't see what's wrong.

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    IT is very simple to figure this out. Top players in the world dont behave this way. This is a gentelmens sport. PERIOD


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