Friday, September 07, 2007

Texas Golf Reads

When you're not reading greens on the golf course, how about reading a book about golf? There are three new books about Texas golf (or at least written by Texas golfers) hitting the shelves. I'd like to point them out to you. Note that I haven't actually read any of these yet myself, but in the first two cases I know enough about the authors to have great confidence that the books are well worth reading.

Golf Unplugged by Jim Apfelbaum

Many of you probably recognize Jim's name. He's a great golf writer whose had a golf radio show in Austin - That's Golf! on AM-1300 The Zone, Saturday 8-9 a.m. - for years; has a Web site called The Hearthstone Review, where he collects his many-varied writings about the game; and writes the blog Golf Digress.

Golf Unplugged, as its title suggests, is an irreverant look at the game described thusly on
"An edgy and humorous look at the state of golf today, with an emphahsis on how the game has strayed from its original simplicity due to commercialism across all areas - golf course design, equipment technology, instruction and the excesses on the Pro Tour. Veteran golf writer Jim Apfelbaum draws on historical material and original interviews to expose the folly in today's game - and shows how to rediscover the game's roots."

The SCoR Method by Terry Koehler

The full name of this 30-page booklet is The SCoR Method - A Simple Way To Achieve Precision In Your Shotmaking. The author, Terry Koehler, is the founder of Eidolon Golf and the man behind that Texas company's highly regarded wedges. He's also the author of the informative blog, The Wedge Guy.

The SCoR Method is described thusly:

Step-by-step, this book will show you how to accurately chart your distances and to quickly and easily learn to reliably hit each of your scoring clubs three to six different yardages, without having to learn partial swings!

The booklet is being released along with a new grip developed by Koehler called the Eidolon SCoR grip, and the book is now available free with any order of SCoR grips. (I believe the book will be available separately soon.)

See this page for more info.

Spectacular Golf of Texas by Brian Carabet and John Shand

It shore looks purdy. This one's a coffee-table book that was actually published late last year. It's part of a series of books focusing on different states and highlighting the "most scenic, inspiring, and unforgettable golf holes" across the state.

Spectacular Golf of Texas checks in at 208 pages and three pounds. It focuses mostly on big-city courses, with plenty of great golf course photography.

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