Wednesday, October 31, 2007

STPGA Team Defeats North for Joe Black Cup Victory

The team of professionals representing the Southern Texas PGA defeated a team from the Northern Texas PGA at Boot Ranch in Frederickburg, evening the all-time won-loss record in the competition, started in 1981, at 13-13-1. Here's the report:

Holding a 7 to 5 lead over the Northern Texas PGA going into the final day of the 2007 Texas Joe Black Cup Matches at Fredericksburg’s Boot Ranch, the Southern Texas PGA, led by Captain Buddy Cook, needed just five points from the tournament’s 12 singles matches to hold on to the Joe Black Cup. It took only seven matches for the STPGA to reach that total.

After reeling off victories in the first four matches of the day, the STPGA got its fifth point when Jeff Hunter stormed to a 7&6 win over the NTPGA’s Michael Hurley in the eighth match of the day, guaranteeing the STPGA would retain possession of the Cup.

“We got off to a fast start and felt pretty secure after the first four singles matches,” said Cook, “and everything turned out great for us.”

Led by Captain Robert Hoyt, the NTPGA rallied briefly to win the day’s fifth and sixth matches, but when the STPGA’s Matt Trevino closed out Robert McMillan 3&2 in the seventh match on the slate, the STPGA had broken the 12 point barrier to earn an outright win in the tournament.

By the time all 12 singles matches were complete, the STPGA had a 15-1/2 to 8-1/2 margin of victory. The victory pulled the STPGA even with the NTPGA in the series, which now stands dead even at 13-13-1.

“Neither team has ever won the tournament four years in a row, so next year, our team will have the chance to make history,” said Cook. The Northern Texas PGA will host the tournament at a site to be determined.

The Southern Texas PGA won the Cup in 2005 with a 12-1/2 to 11-1/2 victory over the Northern Texas PGA and retained it after the competition resulted in a 12-12 tie in 2006.

The Texas Joe Black Cup Matches began in 1981 and were named in honor of Joe Black, a native of Snyder, Texas, who was then serving as president of the PGA of America. Black is currently living near Austin.

The annual competition features teams of professionals from the Southern Texas and Northern Texas Sections of the PGA of America playing in a Ryder Cup-style format. Both of the teams are comprised of nine professionals who earn spots on the teams through yearlong points competitions, a senior representative, a Captain’s pick and the respective presidents of the two Sections.

And here are the match results:

Day One
Four Ball Matches

  • Brad Lardon/Henrik Simonsen, STPGA, def. Ronny Glanton/Michael Henderson, NTPGA; 5&4
  • Carl Cooper/Mike Kullberg, STPGA, def. Larry Bryan/Greg Sikes, NTPGA, 1 up
  • Wes Skaggs/Ken Kelley, STPGA, vs. Billy Harris/Robert McMillan, NTPGA; halved
  • Ken McDonald/Jeff Hunter, STPGA, def. Lindy Miller/Michael Hurley, NTPGA; 1 up
  • Chad Wlliams/Britt Patton, NTPGA, def. Bruce Smith/Jim Dickson, STPGA; 1 up
  • Cameron Doan/Paul Earnets, NTPGA, def. Matt Trevino/David Pilsner, STPGA; 1 up

Foursome Matches

  • Brad Lardon/Bruce Smith, STPGA, def. Larry Bryan/Greg Sikes, NTPGA; 4&3
  • Ken McDonald/Wes Skaggs, STPGA, def. Billy Harris/Robert McMillan, NTPGA; 7&5
  • Lindy Miller/Michael Hurley, NTPGA, def. Henrik Simonsen/David Pilsner, STPGA; 6&5
  • Chad Williams/Britt Patton, NTPGA, def. Mike Kullberg/Ken Kelley, STPGA; 1 up
  • Carl Cooper/Jim Dickson, STPGA vs. Cameron Doan/Paul Earnest, NTPGA; halved
  • Matt Trevino/Jeff Hunter, STPGA, def. Ronny Glanton/Michael Hunderson, NTPGA; 1 up

Day Two
Singles Matches

  • Bruce Smith, STPGA, def. Michael Hendesron, NTPGA; 5&4
  • Ken McDonald, STPGA, def. Paul Earnest, NTPGA; 6&5
  • Wes Skaggs, STPGA, def. Chad Williams, NTPGA; 4&3
  • Brad Lardon, STPGA, def. Cameron Doan, NTPGA; 1 up
  • Ronny Glanton, STPGA, def. David Pilsner, STPGA; 2&1
  • Lindy Miller, NTPGA, def. Jim Dickson, STPGA; 1 up
  • Matt Trevino, STPGA, def. Robert McMillan, NTPGA; 3&2
  • Jeff Hunter, STPGA, def. Michael Hurley, NTPGA; 7&6
  • Ken Kelley, STPGA , def. Britt Patton, NTPGA; 1 up
  • Greg Sikes, NTPGA, def. Mike Kullberg, SPTGA; 4&3
  • Carl Cooper, STPGA, def. Larry Bryan, NTPGA; 3&1
  • Henrik Simonsen, STPGA, halved Billy Harris, NTPGA

Friday, October 26, 2007

PGA Tour Qualifying - First Stage

Two first-stage qualifiers in the PGA Tour Qualifying School process wrapped up play today in Texas. Here are the golfers at each location who advanced to the second stage:

Lantana Golf Club, Lantana
Sunghoon Kang, Lewisville, TX, 280
Madalitso Muthiya, Albuquerque, NM, 281
Stuart Deane, Arlington, TX, 282
Michael Connell, Dallas, TX, 283
Cody Freeman, Grove, OK, 285
Andrew Dresser, Carrollton, TX, 285
Mike Wendling, Oklahoma City, OK, 285
Adam Speirs, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 285
Shaun Melville, Lubbock, TX, 285
Brad Lamb, Parkdale, Victoria, Australia, 286
Chris James, Frisco, TX, 287
Anders Hultman, Irving, TX, 288
Jaxon Brigman, Frisco, TX, 288
Daniel Mitchell, Oklahoma City, OK, 290
Dustin Risdon, Strathmore, Alberta, 290
Martin Flores, Mansfield, TX, 290
Mark Murphy, Kerry, England, 291
Darren Angel, Northridge, CA, 291
Jin Park, Phoenix, AZ, 291
Brandon Knight, Scottsdale, AZ, 291
Ryan Dillon, Desert Hills, AZ, 291
Cameron Percy, Dingley Village, South Africa, 291
Brian Miller, El Cajon, CA, 292
Brad Gibson, Denton, TX, 293
Jonathan Novak, Mt. Prospect, IL, 293
Chris Parra, Dallas, TX, 293
Will Dodson, Dallas, TX, 293
Justin Fraley, Rowlett, TX, 293

Cypresswood Golf Club, Tradition Course, Spring
Dave Schultz, Fargo, ND, 276
Brian Duncan, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 277
Ryan Posey, Dallas, TX, 278
Brett Callas, Houston, TX, 279
Matt Brost, Mansfield, TX, 280
Michael Sims, St. Simons Island, GA, 282
Greg Sonnier, Lake Charles, LA, 282
Andrew Bonhomme, Queensland, Australia, 283
Adam Meyer, Fort Worth, TX, 283
Corbin King, Round Rock, TX, 284
Danny King, Milton, Ontario, 284
Chad Ginn, Alexandria, LA, 284
Todd Rossetti, Dallas, TX, 284
Gibby Martens, San Antonio, TX, 284
Richard Swift, Victoria, TX, 285
Jay Hobby, Auburn, AL, 285
James Love, Denver, CO, 286
Jesse Schulte, Hutchinson, KS, 286
Jerad Harklau, Dallas, TX, 286
Ben Willman, Salisbury, England, 286
Jay Reynolds, Austin, TX, 286
John Humphries, Baton Rouge, LA, 286
Andy Connell, Denver, CO, 287
Aaron Townsend, Telopea, NSW, Australia, 287
Jason Hill, Rockwall, TX, 288
Anthony Rodriguez, Spring Branch, TX, 288
Brad Weesner, Hideaway, TX, 288
Jeff Burns, San Antonio, TX, 288
Nico Bollini, Yorba Linda, CA, 288

The full results of these two qualifiers, plus other first-stage qualifiers currently under way, are available here.

There's another first-stage qualifier in Texas, Oct. 30-Nov. 2 at Stonebridge Ranch Country Club in McKinney. Then in mid-November two second-stage qualifiers come to the state, on at TPC Craig Ranch in McKinney, the other at Deerwood Club in Kingwood.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anthony Rodriguez Booted from "Big Break: Mesquite"

Watching San Antonio native and resident Anthony Rodriguez on The Golf Channel's "Big Break: Mesquite" was like watching a train wreck. You know you shouldn't stare, but you just have to look.

The whole time I was thinking, "Why does the jerk of the show have to be a Texan?" Anthony certainly didn't represent his state - much less himself - very well, with his petulance, whining, club-throwing, arrogance and all-around jerkiness.

And that's a shame, because A-Rod (or "A-God," as some of his fellow contestants derisively called him) is one heck of a golfer - much better than he showed in his elimination episode. On a show that required its golfers to actually play golf - as in, playing match play over more than one hole, or playing stroke play over a nine - rather that just requiring them to play one hole, or even just one stroke, at a time, Anthony's golf probably would have shined. On pure talent, he was probably the best golfer on the show.

I know a few people who know Anthony pretty well, and all universally respect his golf, and all like him personally, although some with reservations. But none were surprised that A-Rod's worst personality traits are what showed up on camera.

In the end, it turned out that Anthony's best club - in this competition, anyway - was the mouth wedge.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Trevino Puts Kibosh on Retirement Talk

Earlier this year, Lee Trevino let slip that he was thinking of 2007 as his final year of competitive golf. Trevino is soon to be 68, and while he's certainly not embarrassing himself in Champions Tour tournaments, he's also no longer competitive at the top of the leaderboard.

Trevino played a short schedule in '07, and earlier this year said the AT&T Championship in San Antonio would be his final appearance.

But during the AT&T, Trevino put the brakes on that retirement talk. The San Antonio Express-News reported:

At 67 — he'll turn 68 on Dec. 1 — Trevino had said the tournament at Oak Hills would be his farewell to competitive golf.

But this summer, he spent 2 1/2 months on his couch at his home in Hartford, Conn., and discovered he'd made a mistake.

His wife helped him.

"Like it or not, women are usually right about most things," Trevino said. "She said I was going to get tired of doing nothing but taking my son to school and playing golf with my friends. She was right."

Trevino said he's not like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, who have enjoyed a multitude of business interests in retirement.

"My whole life I've played golf," he said. "It's all I've ever done for 40 years. I don't know anything else."

Trevino said he will continue to play a limited Champions Tour schedule — the AT&T Championship is just his sixth event of the year — and will continue to come back to San Antonio as long as the tournament is held at Oak Hills.

That last line should catch your eye. As we've reported many times, Champions Tour players adore Oak Hills Country Club, the onetime home of the Texas Open and the Nabisco Championship on the PGA Tour and now the home of the AT&T Championship. But plans are for this tournament to move to the Pete Dye-designed course going in across town at the TPC San Antonio project.

Said Trevino:

"I love Oak Hills," he said, suddenly getting serious. "I can't wait to play here every year. I'm not going to be playing no TPC."

John Cook Claims AT&T Championship Victory

john cook att championshipJohn Cook is the winner of the 2007 AT&T Championship on the Champions Tour, completed Sunday at Oak Hills Country Club in San Antonio.

Cook was playing in just his second tournament on the senior circuit, and he beat his good friend Mark O'Meara by one stroke. O'Meara is still searching for his first senior victory.

Said Cook:

"It was not easy out there. Some tricky winds on a good golf course and major championship winners all over the place. Thrilled? I guess I would be thrilled."

Cook won 11 times on the PGA Tour, including once in Texas at the 1998 Byron Nelson Classic. His first win came in 1981, and his most recent before Sunday was at the 2001 Reno-Tahoe Open.

AT&T Championship story
AT&T Championship scores

Saturday, October 20, 2007

TPC San Antonio Construction Blog

Thanks to a comment on a post below by Jody Brothers, director of business development for TPC San Antonio, I can pass along the URL of the TPC San Antonio's construction blog:

There's already some interesting stuff there, including photos and course layouts. And Jody will be posting status updates with photos of the courses in progress. Check it out.

North Team Wins Women's Texas Cup

The Texas Cup is Ryder Cup-style competition for women who are members of the Ladies Amateur Golf Association, a group in the North Texas/Dallas-Fort Worth areas founded in 1989. The LAGA boasts some of the top female amateurs in Texas as members, and all of its members are low-handicap, competition golfers.

This year's Texas Cup was played at Mira Vista Country Club, with the North team pulling out a 13-11 victory. That leaves the South with a 9-6 overall lead in the competition.

The outcome wasn't decided until the final singles match, won by the North's Carol Turnage, 1-up, over the South's Cindy Gilkeson.

The final-day singles results are as follows:

Mina Hardin, North d. Leslie Green, South, 2 and 1; Anna Schultz, North d. Karen Veriato, South, 3 and 2; Carolyn Creekmore, North d. Marilyn Hardy, South, 5 and 4; Lecia Alexander, South d. Toni Wiesner, North, 3 and 2; Kathy Crumley, North d. Karen Murphy, South, 2 and 1; Stacy Dennis, South d. Suzanne Kenkel, North, 2 and 1; Cindy Kuykendall, South d. Janie Carpenter, North, 1 down; Beth Cleckler, South d. Christa Aleshire, North, 2 and 1; Carol Turnage, North d. Cindy Gilkeson, South, 1 up; Nancy Kromar, South d. Elisabet Levy, North, 2 and 1; Jamie Senter, North d. Camille Clay, South, 3 and 2; Stephanie Maynard, South d. Marti Ross, North, 6 and 5.

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Friday, October 19, 2007

All Parts of TPC San Antonio Finally In Motion

It's been nearly eight years since the huge golf resort project in northeast San Antonio was first proposed as a PGA Village owned by the PGA of America. In the interim, the project morphed into a TPC resort owned by the PGA Tour, and on Thursday it finally reached the stage where all its parts are now in motion.

As in under construction: the Greg Norman- and Pete Dye-designed golf courses have been under way for a few months. On Thursday, ground was broken on the 1,000-room JW Marriott resort hotel, with various bigwigs, including PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem, in attendance.

The plan is for the resort to open to guests some time in the early part of 2010. The PGA Tour Texas Open would move to the Norman-designed course that year. The Champions Tour's AT&T Championship would move to the Dye-designed course soon after.

The AT&T Championship is in San Antonio this week, teeing off today, and the senior circuit players absolutely adore the tournament's current home, Oak Hills Country Club. Richard Oliver, writing in the San Antonio Express-News this morning, quoted some players sounding none-to-excited about that probably move to the TPC course:

"I would be really saddened by that," said Fred Funk, who tees off this morning as defending champion of the AT&T. "This is truly one of the greatest venues we play, and we should stay here, in my opinion."

Added Loren Roberts, the tour's current points leader: "Unless they build an unbelievable thing out there, it would be tough. A.W. Tillinghast is not coming back from the grave to do it."

Dallas-based senior competitor Bruce Lietzke, serving as player consultant on Dye's design, admits that affection for the legendary Tillinghast-designed layout presents a unique challenge.

"It's big shoes to fill, so it's going to be a tough sell," he said. "Oak Hills has a great reputation among PGA Tour players, and now Champions Tour players. That's OK; I'm happy. It'll just keep us working hard."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is Austin's Lions Municipal In Danger?

Could Austin's Lions Municipal Golf Course be in danger of disappearing?

Maybe. The question hinges on a very valuable tract of land owned by the University of Texas, and what the university ultimately decides to do with that land.

The land in question is known as the Brackenridge Tract, donated to the school in 1910 by San Antonian George Brackenridge (who also donated the land in San Antonio where Brackenridge Park and Brackenridge Golf Course are located). The approximately 350 acres sit adjacent to Town Lake, and now located on it are open green spaces, student housing, some commercial buildings leased to companies, and Lions Municipal Golf Course.

Lions opened around 80 years ago, and the land on which it sits is leased by the City of Austin from the university. That lease has to be renewed every so often, and its next renewal date is in 2019.

Because all the land of the Brackenridge Tract is worth so much money now to the university or to any potential buyers, the school has had a task force studying the question of what to do with it. The task force released its recommendations last week, one of which was allowing the lease on Lions Muny to expire so that parcel can be converted into something else (perhaps just good ol' cash).

Meanwhile, the City of Austin has broached in the past the possibility of purchasing the Lions land outright, and has indicated it may try to do so again. But can the city afford it?

Can the city afford not to? Lions Muny is a historic and much-loved course. The outcry from the Austin golf community, should the demise of Lions appear immiment, would be very loud, indeed.

So Lions Muny does not appear to be safe. But my guess is it will wind up surviving.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

AT&T Championship Qualifying

The AT&T Championship on the Champions Tour gets under way Friday at San Antonio's Oak Hills Country Club with Fred Funk the defending champion. But before the main draw you always have the Monday qualifier, and this one was played at Canyon Springs Golf Club. The six golfers who made it through and into the AT&T Championship field are:

Jack Ferenz, Vero Beach, Fla., 64
Steve Thomas, Tupelo, Miss., 65
Mitch Adams, Calry, N.C., 65
Jim Ahern, Phoenix, Ariz., 65
Mitch Adcock, Apopka, Fla., 66
Boonchu Ruangkit, Bangkok, Thailand, 67

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Tournament Wrapup

A wrapup of the professionals tournaments in Texas over the weekend:

Champions Tour in Spring
Bernhard Langer is a rookie again at age 50, playing on the Champions Tour. And at the Administaff Small Business Classic in Spring, he earned his first victory on the senior circuit.

Langer tied the tour's 54-hole scoring record of 191 with rounds of 62, 65 and 64, to beat runner-up Mark O'Meara by eight strokes.

Read the story

Nationwide Tour in Midland
It took eight playoff holes to do it, but Brad Adamonis emerged from the four-way playoff with his first career Nationwide Tour victory at the WNB Golf Classic in Midland.

Adamonis made eight pars in eights holes of the playoff to defeat to Tjaart van der Walt, Vance Veazey and Ron Whittaker. The quarter had finished regulation tied at 278.

Read the story

Adams Pro Tour Series
The Texas-based Adams Golf Pro Tour Series was in Louisiana for the Guaranty Bank Classic at Black Bear in Delhi. The winner was Shawn Stefani (no relation to Gwen) of Baytown, whose final-round 67 enabled him to eclipse Mark Walker of Hurst by one stroke for the title. Scores

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gov. Perry Embarrasses Texas on the Golf Course

This is pretty funny. Gov. Rick Perry played golf this week in the PGA Tour's Open. He was the amateur partner to John Daly in the first round. Following that round, a columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper wrote this:

... Daly continued losing focus waiting for amateur Rick Perry to reach the green in a timely fashion on most holes. I'm pretty convinced Texas today is by far our nation's most efficiently run state, because it's impossible to believe its governor spends much time playing golf.

Perry did, however, bring along a security contingent complete with those Secret Service-type ear pieces, which would have been interesting if it wasn't so laughable given the only thing most knew about him was that he was the guy you backed up 20 yards from each time he addressed a shot.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Small Business Classic Qualifying

phil blackmar champions tourThere are two tour events in Texas this week, the WNB Golf Classic in Midland, a Nationwide Tour event, and the Administaff Small Business Classic in Spring, a Championship Tour event.

We posted the WNB Monday qualifying results yesterday, so today it's the senior circuit qualifying results. Six spots were up for grabs in the qualifier played at The Woodlands Country Club (Gary Player Course). The six golfers who played their way into the field are:

Pat McDonald, Rocklin, Calif., 68
John Ross, Freeman, W.V., 68
Harry Taylor, Old Hickory, Tenn., 68
Lindy Miller, Fort Worth, 69
Phil Blackmar, Corpus Christi, 69
John McGough, Jacksonville, Fla., 70

The name that catches my eye, as a Corpus Christi native, is that of Phil Blackmar (pictured). Blackmar is a lifelong resident of Corpus. His father, Fred, was the longtime head professional at the Naval Air Station course in Texas and a very good player in his own right (as well as being a noted clubmaker).

The Small Business Classic will be Blackmar's debut on the Champions Tour. He'll also play the following week at the AT&T Championship in San Antonio. Don't be surprised if he has a good start as a senior player - he has good memories of Houston. The Houston Open was the site of one of his three PGA Tour wins, and just a couple years ago it was the site of his last made cut on the PGA Tour.

Military, First Responders Get In Free at AT&T Championship

The Champions Tour's AT&T Championship is coming up quickly in San Antonio (Oak Hills Country Club), and the event organizers want to get the word out to area active-duty military and first-responders: Come on out, because you get in free.

Tournament week is Oct. 15-21. Tournament director Colby Callaway said, "We are very honored to salute these brave people who have done so much for us in so many ways. While it's certainly not enough, it's hopefully a way of saying thanks."

Here's a rundown of how it works:

  • All active duty military and military personnel carrying government issued ID, along with police, EMS , and fire department personnel are being offered complimentary tickets to every round of the late season Champions Tour golf tournament.

  • 10,000 tickets were distributed to Military Instillations throughout Texas including the multi-base South Texas area. They can be picked up at services or MWR offices. Additional event info is available here as well.

  • A VIP tent is available for all Military Personnel. It will be open Friday – Sunday. Lunch and beverages are available at no charge between 11:30am – 1:30pm each day. The tent is located just inside the front entrance of the tournament. All military must have a valid Military ID to enter this venue.

  • If Military Personnel are not already carrying a ticket, an ID must be presented to the tournament admissions gate for a complimentary ticket to be issued.

  • Tickets for retired military, police and fire department personal and senior citizens, 62 and older are complimentary as well. Children 17 and under also offered free admission during the tournament. College students with a college ID will receive half price tickets.
  • More tournament info is available at

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Nationwide Tour WNB Classic Qualifying

    Yesterday was Monday qualifying time at the WNB Golf Classic, the new name of the Midland stop of the Nationwide Tour (it was formerly known as the Permian Basin Charity Classic). Because the field of qualifiers was so large, it was split between two courses in Midland, Green Tree Country Club and Ranchland Hills Golf Club. Seven golfers from each site played their way into the WNB Golf Classic field. Here are those qualifiers:

    Green Tree
    James Nitties, Tallahassee, Fla., 31-32--63
    Alex Rodger, Fort Worth, 31-33--64
    Tyler Williamson, Decatur, Ala., 34-31--65
    Scott Draper, Atlanta, Ga., 32-33--65
    Joel Edwards, Coppell, 30-35--65
    Franklin Hatchett, Dallas, 34-31--65
    Chris Wall, Albuquerque, N.M., 32-33--65

    Ranchland Hills
    Brian Guetz, Scottsdale, Ariz., 30-34--64
    Rich Morris, Fayetteville, Ark., 31-34--65
    Jaxon Brigman, Frisco, 33-32--65
    Chris Cureton, Dallas, 34-32--66
    Adam Meyer, Waco, 33-33--66
    Joshua Warthen, Arroyo Grande, Calif., 34-33--67
    Brad Gibson, Denton, 34-33--67

    The WNB Golf Classic begins Thursday at Midland Country Club.

    Sunday, October 07, 2007

    Justin Leonard Back in the Winner's Circle

    justin leonard texas openA great finish to the Texas Open on Sunday, with Texan Justin Leonard grabbing the title away from Jesper Parnevik with a great final round and then a nervy playoff performance.

    It's the first win for Leonard in two years, but it's the third victory for Leonard at the Texas Open. That makes him just the second three-time winner of this tournament. The first three-time winner was Arnold Palmer. Pretty good company.

    This is also the 11th career win for Leonard.

    Leonard closed with a 65 to catch Parnevik, who was leading by several strokes at the beginning of the day but managed "only" a 69 in the final round. Parnevik struggled mightily off the tee much of the day, only to keep making near-miraculous saving shots down the stretch and even into the playoff. Parnevik founds some parts of the The Resort Course at La Cantera that even I haven't seen before.

    But he saved par on the 72nd hole, while Leonard missed a birdie putt for the win, and they went into the playoff. Leonard finally put it away on the third playoff hole, the par-3 17th, with a birdie putt.

    See the tournament home for more, including full results.

    Another Victory for Babb on Adams Tour

    Adam Babb won his second Adams Pro Golf Tour Series title of the year, closing with a 65 to claim the title at the Community Bank Classic in Meridian, Miss., on Saturday.

    Babb, from Arlington, earlier won the Cities of Gold Casino Classic in New Mexico. In five starts on the Adams Tour in 2007, Babb's worst finish is a tie for 18th.

    Babb birdied the 16th and 18th holes in Mississippi to finish off a final-round of 65. He won by two strokes over Colby Beckstrom, who carded a 68 in the final round to finish at 270.

    With the win, Babb takes over the lead on the Adams Tour money list.

    Top 5
    Adam Babb, Arlington, 68-68-67-65--268
    Colby Beckstrom, Muskegon, Mich., 69-65-68-68--270
    Rich Morris, El Dorado, Kan., 66-66-70-69--271
    Brad Weesner, Hideaway, 69-66-65-71--271
    Chad Ginn, Alexandria, La., 71-69-69-64--273
    Mark Walker, Hurst, 70-70-66-67--273
    Full Results

    Friday, October 05, 2007

    The Top 10 Texans

    Pegged to this week's Texas Open, has a slideshow of "The 10 Best Players from Texas," their ranking of our greatest golfers.

    Lists are fun, so I'll bite. Just who are the 10 best golfers in Texas history?'s list is a co-ed one:

    10. Jack Burke Jr.
    9. Ben Crenshaw
    8. Harry Cooper
    7. Babe Didrikson Zaharias
    6. Jimmy Demaret
    5. Lloyd Mangrum
    4. Kathy Whitworth
    3. Lee Trevino
    1b. Ben Hogan
    1a. Byron Nelson

    I'm always opposed to a co-ed list such as this (although not to co-ed tournaments) because nobody can argue that Kathy Whitworth was a better golfer than Mangrum or Demaret. If one is ranking players based on impact, then yes, co-ed is fine (and the Babe would be no lower than No. 2, and arguably No. 1). But a ranking based on playing ability should be all-guys or all-girls.

    Three other beefs with the list: They've got Nelson and Hogan reversed (Hogan should be No. 1). They include Harry Cooper, who was born in England and didn't move to Texas until age 10. But even if you invoke the "I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast I could clause" to call Cooper a Texan, Lighthorse Harry should not be on this list while Ralph Guldahl is off it.

    And finally, Ben Crenshaw. I'm not saying (at least not in this post) that he doesn't belong on any such list, I'm saying he doesn't belong ahead of Tom Kite. Kite and Crenshaw were exact contemporaries, and while Crenshaw had more raw talent and won two majors to Kite's one, Kite was by far the more consistent player, and more consistently good. Even Crenshaw has said that Kite deserves to be rated ahead of him when comparing their careers.

    But, as I said, lists are fun. So thanks to for this one.

    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Another USGA Title for the Kuehne Family

    (USGA photo by Steve Gibbons)

    Congratulations to Trip Kuehne on his victory in the U.S. Mid-Amateur on Thursday at Bandon Dunes in Oregon. Kuehne, of Irving, defeated Dan Whitaker of Washington, 9 and 7, in the championship match.

    Kuehne is the third member of his family to win a USGA championship. Brother Hank won the 1998 U.S. Amateur and sister Kelli won the 1995 and '96 U.S. Women's Amateur. Trip reached the finals of the 1994 U.S. Am, but was defeated then by Tiger Woods.

    It's been a great year for Trip, who runs a money management first in Dallas. He was part of Texas' winning team in the USGA State Championship; part of the winning U.S. team at the Walker Cup; and also part of a winning team in Texas Golf Association Championship.

    "It's been a long journey; one that started 13 years ago," Kuehne said in reference to his loss to Wood at the 1994 U.S. Amateur final. "I got the job done this time. It doesn’t get any better than this. It truly is a dream come true. I thought this day would never come."

    The full report is available on the U.S. Mid-Am Web site.

    Colt Knost "On the Hot Seat"

    Amateur star Colt Knost is making his professional debut today at the Texas Open. In so doing, he gives up the exemptions he'd earned into next year's Masters, U.S. Open and British Open.

    Jason Sobel at put Knost "On the Hot Seat" with a Q&A. There's some interesting stuff in it. Check it out.

    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    The Resort Course at La Cantera is Difficult?

    I was Googling around looking for some Texas golf news when I found a headline via Google News: "Golf Vacation Insider publishes report on best San Antonio courses." The headline was from, but when I clicked on it the page was dead. It still is today.

    But I thought this report on San Antonio courses might have something interesting in it. I'm familiar with Golf Vacation Insider, an Internet publication on golf travel, and wanted to check out what they had to say about San Antonio.

    So I went to their site, gave them my email address (which means now I'll be getting regular emails from them), and was emailed the URL where I could download the report on San Antonio golf. Which I did.

    Turns out the "special report" was written in 2004. And while it contains some good stuff, it's nothing that you couldn't find in any of the numerous magazine articles about golf in San Antonio that have appeared in recent years.

    There was one thing that caught my eye, however. It started with this:

    La Cantera has two layouts, both unusually difficult tests for resort courses.

    Well, sure, the Palmer Course is an unusually difficult course for a resort. But the Resort Course?

    And then the "special report" continued, writing specifically about the Resort Course, where the Texas Open is played:

    Many PGA Tour players dislike playing here because it is a difficult course with steep elevation changes that can produce high scores. Amateurs will definitely post some big numbers ...

    That's just asinine. Really, to be blunt, one of the dumbest things I've ever read in an article about San Antonio golf.

    The Resort Course at La Cantera is one of the easiest courses on the PGA Tour - the all-time lowest score in PGA Tour history was shot there just four years ago! And as I posted over at Waggle Room, if you don't go low at the Resort Course, not only are you not going to win the tournament, you might not even make the cut!

    As for amateurs posting high scores, sure, some amateurs are going to shoot 120s there. But if so, they are probably shooting 130s elsewhere. The lowest score I've shot in the past three years was posted at The Resort Course, playing from the tips.

    It's an easy course! There's no way around it.

    Hogan vs. Nelson

    Golf Magazine says it is celebrating this week's Texas Open by looking at the argument over who Texas' greatest golfer is: Ben Hogan or Byron Nelson?

    I wasn't aware there was any argument, to be frank. It's Hogan. Nelson is No. 2, but it's a distant No. 2. Let me put it this way: Lee Trevino, No. 3, is much closer to Nelson than Nelson is to Hogan. (I think it's even possible to argue that Trevino deserves to be No. 2, although it's not an argument that I would make.)

    But the articles are great reads. Gary Van Sickles argues for Hogan, and Jim Gorant argues for Nelson.

    Now, if you're talking about who was the better all-around person, well, then Nelson wins and Hogan doesn't even make the conversation ...