Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hogan vs. Nelson

Golf Magazine says it is celebrating this week's Texas Open by looking at the argument over who Texas' greatest golfer is: Ben Hogan or Byron Nelson?

I wasn't aware there was any argument, to be frank. It's Hogan. Nelson is No. 2, but it's a distant No. 2. Let me put it this way: Lee Trevino, No. 3, is much closer to Nelson than Nelson is to Hogan. (I think it's even possible to argue that Trevino deserves to be No. 2, although it's not an argument that I would make.)

But the articles are great reads. Gary Van Sickles argues for Hogan, and Jim Gorant argues for Nelson.

Now, if you're talking about who was the better all-around person, well, then Nelson wins and Hogan doesn't even make the conversation ...

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