Saturday, October 20, 2007

North Team Wins Women's Texas Cup

The Texas Cup is Ryder Cup-style competition for women who are members of the Ladies Amateur Golf Association, a group in the North Texas/Dallas-Fort Worth areas founded in 1989. The LAGA boasts some of the top female amateurs in Texas as members, and all of its members are low-handicap, competition golfers.

This year's Texas Cup was played at Mira Vista Country Club, with the North team pulling out a 13-11 victory. That leaves the South with a 9-6 overall lead in the competition.

The outcome wasn't decided until the final singles match, won by the North's Carol Turnage, 1-up, over the South's Cindy Gilkeson.

The final-day singles results are as follows:

Mina Hardin, North d. Leslie Green, South, 2 and 1; Anna Schultz, North d. Karen Veriato, South, 3 and 2; Carolyn Creekmore, North d. Marilyn Hardy, South, 5 and 4; Lecia Alexander, South d. Toni Wiesner, North, 3 and 2; Kathy Crumley, North d. Karen Murphy, South, 2 and 1; Stacy Dennis, South d. Suzanne Kenkel, North, 2 and 1; Cindy Kuykendall, South d. Janie Carpenter, North, 1 down; Beth Cleckler, South d. Christa Aleshire, North, 2 and 1; Carol Turnage, North d. Cindy Gilkeson, South, 1 up; Nancy Kromar, South d. Elisabet Levy, North, 2 and 1; Jamie Senter, North d. Camille Clay, South, 3 and 2; Stephanie Maynard, South d. Marti Ross, North, 6 and 5.

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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