Wednesday, October 31, 2007

STPGA Team Defeats North for Joe Black Cup Victory

The team of professionals representing the Southern Texas PGA defeated a team from the Northern Texas PGA at Boot Ranch in Frederickburg, evening the all-time won-loss record in the competition, started in 1981, at 13-13-1. Here's the report:

Holding a 7 to 5 lead over the Northern Texas PGA going into the final day of the 2007 Texas Joe Black Cup Matches at Fredericksburg’s Boot Ranch, the Southern Texas PGA, led by Captain Buddy Cook, needed just five points from the tournament’s 12 singles matches to hold on to the Joe Black Cup. It took only seven matches for the STPGA to reach that total.

After reeling off victories in the first four matches of the day, the STPGA got its fifth point when Jeff Hunter stormed to a 7&6 win over the NTPGA’s Michael Hurley in the eighth match of the day, guaranteeing the STPGA would retain possession of the Cup.

“We got off to a fast start and felt pretty secure after the first four singles matches,” said Cook, “and everything turned out great for us.”

Led by Captain Robert Hoyt, the NTPGA rallied briefly to win the day’s fifth and sixth matches, but when the STPGA’s Matt Trevino closed out Robert McMillan 3&2 in the seventh match on the slate, the STPGA had broken the 12 point barrier to earn an outright win in the tournament.

By the time all 12 singles matches were complete, the STPGA had a 15-1/2 to 8-1/2 margin of victory. The victory pulled the STPGA even with the NTPGA in the series, which now stands dead even at 13-13-1.

“Neither team has ever won the tournament four years in a row, so next year, our team will have the chance to make history,” said Cook. The Northern Texas PGA will host the tournament at a site to be determined.

The Southern Texas PGA won the Cup in 2005 with a 12-1/2 to 11-1/2 victory over the Northern Texas PGA and retained it after the competition resulted in a 12-12 tie in 2006.

The Texas Joe Black Cup Matches began in 1981 and were named in honor of Joe Black, a native of Snyder, Texas, who was then serving as president of the PGA of America. Black is currently living near Austin.

The annual competition features teams of professionals from the Southern Texas and Northern Texas Sections of the PGA of America playing in a Ryder Cup-style format. Both of the teams are comprised of nine professionals who earn spots on the teams through yearlong points competitions, a senior representative, a Captain’s pick and the respective presidents of the two Sections.

And here are the match results:

Day One
Four Ball Matches

  • Brad Lardon/Henrik Simonsen, STPGA, def. Ronny Glanton/Michael Henderson, NTPGA; 5&4
  • Carl Cooper/Mike Kullberg, STPGA, def. Larry Bryan/Greg Sikes, NTPGA, 1 up
  • Wes Skaggs/Ken Kelley, STPGA, vs. Billy Harris/Robert McMillan, NTPGA; halved
  • Ken McDonald/Jeff Hunter, STPGA, def. Lindy Miller/Michael Hurley, NTPGA; 1 up
  • Chad Wlliams/Britt Patton, NTPGA, def. Bruce Smith/Jim Dickson, STPGA; 1 up
  • Cameron Doan/Paul Earnets, NTPGA, def. Matt Trevino/David Pilsner, STPGA; 1 up

Foursome Matches

  • Brad Lardon/Bruce Smith, STPGA, def. Larry Bryan/Greg Sikes, NTPGA; 4&3
  • Ken McDonald/Wes Skaggs, STPGA, def. Billy Harris/Robert McMillan, NTPGA; 7&5
  • Lindy Miller/Michael Hurley, NTPGA, def. Henrik Simonsen/David Pilsner, STPGA; 6&5
  • Chad Williams/Britt Patton, NTPGA, def. Mike Kullberg/Ken Kelley, STPGA; 1 up
  • Carl Cooper/Jim Dickson, STPGA vs. Cameron Doan/Paul Earnest, NTPGA; halved
  • Matt Trevino/Jeff Hunter, STPGA, def. Ronny Glanton/Michael Hunderson, NTPGA; 1 up

Day Two
Singles Matches

  • Bruce Smith, STPGA, def. Michael Hendesron, NTPGA; 5&4
  • Ken McDonald, STPGA, def. Paul Earnest, NTPGA; 6&5
  • Wes Skaggs, STPGA, def. Chad Williams, NTPGA; 4&3
  • Brad Lardon, STPGA, def. Cameron Doan, NTPGA; 1 up
  • Ronny Glanton, STPGA, def. David Pilsner, STPGA; 2&1
  • Lindy Miller, NTPGA, def. Jim Dickson, STPGA; 1 up
  • Matt Trevino, STPGA, def. Robert McMillan, NTPGA; 3&2
  • Jeff Hunter, STPGA, def. Michael Hurley, NTPGA; 7&6
  • Ken Kelley, STPGA , def. Britt Patton, NTPGA; 1 up
  • Greg Sikes, NTPGA, def. Mike Kullberg, SPTGA; 4&3
  • Carl Cooper, STPGA, def. Larry Bryan, NTPGA; 3&1
  • Henrik Simonsen, STPGA, halved Billy Harris, NTPGA

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