Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crenshaw Supports Preservation of Austin's Lions Muny

As we reported last month, Lions Municipal Golf Course in Austin sits on a parcel of land known as the Brackenridge Tract, a parcel of land owned by the University of Texas and a parcel of land that might be redeveloped or sold off. And that puts the future of Lions - known simply as "Muny" to Austinites - in danger.

Hat tip to Austin American-Statesman blogger Kevin Robbins for pointing out that University of Texas regents held hearings Friday on the future of the Brackenridge Tract.

Numerous people spoke at the hearings in favor of keeping the tract in the university system, as is; and some were there specifically to support the continuing presence of Lions Municipal.

Although he didn't speak, University of Texas legend Ben Crenshaw was one of those in attendance.

The Statesman reported:

Professional tour player Ben Crenshaw didn't address the regents but signaled his support for Muny, as the course is called, by his presence at the meeting.

"My brother Charlie and I were raised in West Austin," Crenshaw said in an interview. "We're a proponent of keeping the golf course intact. I think that's the main thing."

I hope I'm wrong about this, but I suspect Lions will eventually bite the dust. That land is just too prized - and profitable - to remain a golf course.

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