Friday, February 08, 2008

Golf Courses for Illegals?

So the U.S. government wants to build a big fence along the Texas-Mexico border, and to start that process it is attempting to send in surveyors. But at least in a couple places, the local governments are balking, and telling the surveyors to get lost. What gives?

Well, in Brownsville and Eagle Pass, the proposed fenceline doesn't precisely follow the Rio Grande, but rather slices across Texas territory, separating spits of U.S. soil from the rest of those cities.

What does this have to do with golf? In both Brownsville and Eagle Pass, the cities would be one side of the fence, but golf courses would be on the other. What's up with that?

In Brownsville, the proposed fence line would separate University of Texas-Brownsville and Texas Southmost College from Fort Brown Memorial Golf Course. The schools are inside the fence, the golf course would be outside the fence.

Huh? The fence-builders say they'll put a door in the fence to allow golfers access to the course. Double-huh? Let me get this straight: You say you want a fence to keep illegal aliens out. So you build a fence that cuts off some Texas territory from the rest of Texas. Then to get around that problem, you put a door in the fence. A door in the fence. What, do you place to put an "Exit only" sign on that door and expect the illegals to abide by that rule?

No matter what you think of the idea of a border fence, you must admit that building a fence that cuts off parts of the state - and a fence with a door in it - seems pretty silly.

More on the Brownsville fence and golf course here; more about Eagle Pass here.

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