Thursday, March 27, 2008

Next Round in Battle Over Protective Nets for Homes On Courses

An interesting story is emerging out of Plano that appears to be the next round in battles between golf courses and homeowners who live on those courses over who is - or whether anybody is - responsible for protecting those homes from wayward golf balls.

Some homeowners in Plano have taken matters into their own hands, erecting safety nets to protect their homes (and potentially themselves), when those homes are very close to a course. Sounds reasonable enough.

But other homeowners object - they say the nets are an eyesore and want them down. What to do?

The Plano city council came up with an ordinance that would give golf courses the right to decide whether a home was in danger, and therefore OK the homeowners' desire to erect a safety net. Needless to say, the homeowners who have the nets don't like that idea at all.

Can't we all just get along?

DFW TV station NBC-5 has a report here. Click to watch the video.

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