Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's Get Small

Or let's get smaller handicaps, anyway. The May 2008 issue of Golf Digest includes a feature on those golfers around the country who lowered their handicaps by the most during 2007. Nationally, the biggest improver was Eddy Delzer of North Dakota. Delzer improved his handicap from 7.5 to +2.3 in 2007. (That's not the largest absolute drop in strokes, but is the largest drop in ratio using a GD calculated formula whose details I won't burden you with.)

The magazine also lists the four biggest improvers in each state - the most-improved low-handicap and middle-handicap men; the most-improved woman; and the most-improved junior.

So let's give a shout-out to Texas' representatives:

  • Landon Allen, Corsicana Country Club, from 2.5 to +2.9
  • Matt Poole, South Shore Harbor Country Club, from 23.6 to 11.7
  • Catherine Matranga, Ridglea Country Club, from 1.6 to +2.6
  • Kayli Quinton, Blackhorse Golf Club, from 11.1 to 1.0

You might recognize Matranga's name. She was a very successful collegiate player at TCU who has since turned pro and is playing the Futures Tour.

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