Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pssst, Want a Free Golf Magazine?

Want a free 1-year subscription to Golf Digest, Golf for Women, or six free months of Golf World? All you have to do get one of these magazines free is register to receive the TPC San Antonio Stay & Play Package newsletter.

If you're interested in playing the TPC San Antonio courses some day, then signing up for the Stay & Play newsletter is a good idea anyway. The TPC San Antonio courses will be open only to those who purchase memberships and to guests of the Marriott resort hotel that is part of the project. So to play the courses, you'll have to 1) know somebody who can get you on as a guest (assuming you can't spend the beaucoup dinero to join yourself); or 2) pamper yourself with a stay in the resort hotel.

The Stay & Play Package newsletter will alert you to special deals that are going to be offered leading up to the expected opening of the courses in 2010.

So sign up, maybe get a good deal on on a golf package, but also get a free magazine subscription out of it. Register here.

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