Saturday, June 07, 2008

Romo Breaks 100 at Torrey Pines

tony romo torrey pines(Tony Romo, left, and Justin Timberlake at Torrey Pines)

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was one of three celebrities to join the contest winner in the USGA/Golf Digest U.S. Open contest for a round of golf under U.S. Open conditions. The gambit was to see if any of them could break 100 on a U.S. Open course with U.S. Open rough and lightning-fast U.S. Open greens. Recall that last year during the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods said there was no way a 10-handicapper could break 100 under Open conditions. That was the comment that inspired the contest.

The round was played yesterday (Friday, June 7) at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, on week before the U.S. Open takes place there. Romo was joined by Justin Timberlake and Matt Lauer, plus the contest winner.

And Romo not only broke 100, he broke 85, shooting 40-44--84. Of course, Romo is a 2.2 handicapper, so he's much better than the 10-handicapper Tiger was referring to. Timberlake is a 6.0 handicapper, and he, too, broke 100, shooting 98. Matt Lauer, a 6.2 handicapper, finished at 100. And the contest winner, 8.1 handicapper John Atkinson, posted 114.

Romo, who missed qualifying for the U.S. Open this spring, won with a 13-over 84. The beefy quarterback, who boasts a 2.2 handicap index, barely broke a sweat playing the first nine holes in 5-over 40 but slowed as the six-hour round wore on.

"It got really tough to stay sharp," he said, nodding toward the 18th hole, where he had his only double bogey after hitting into a bunker.

How tough were conditions?

Romo, clearly the best player in the group and one who has entered U.S. Open qualifiers, was in thick rough off the tee at 18 and swung as hard as he could with a sand wedge and advanced the ball only about 20 feet and into a fairway bunker.

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  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    You know what's funny?? A 2.2 index isn't even LOW ENOUGH to be allowed to ATTEMPT TO QUALIFY FOR THE US OPEN. Tony needs to learn some respect for the entry process before he makes a fool of himself thinking he could actually qualify amongst some great players. Tony, try to win a club championship against hacks before you step up to the big time. What a weasel, and everyone thinks he is cool, HE'S A POSER. LOOK THAT ONE UP IN THE COOLNESS DICTIONARY!!!


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