Monday, July 28, 2008

Rev Run in Lajitas

The Lajitas Resort, in far West Texas, on the Mexican border, and boasting an 18-hole golf course, a carpet of green in the desert. It was supposed to be a playground for the wealthy, a remote getaway spot with its own private airstrip.

Instead, Lajitas has been plagued with empty rooms and bankruptcy battles.

But fear not, Rev Run is coming! The resort sent an email today noting that on Wednesday, July 30, an episode of MTV's series Run's House - starring Rev Run (the "Run" in "Run DMC" and the brother of rap music mogul Russell Simmons) - will air that was shot at the Lajitas Resort. It's called the "Lajitas Family Vacation Episode."

This should be interesting. Although probably not interesting enough to actually watch ...

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