Saturday, August 09, 2008

Austin Pro Knows the Joy of Six

There are approximately 28,000 PGA of American member professionals. Each of those pros can choose from six different PGA certifications available in the Certified Professional Program, certifications that represent different career paths available to PGA Professionals:

  • General Management
  • Golf Operations
  • Instruction
  • Retail
  • Executive Management
  • Ownership/Leasing

There are 23 pros out of the 28,000 in the PGA of America who have completed all six certifications, and none of them are in the Southern Texas PGA Section.

Well, make that one STPGA member, and 24 overall members. Because Matt Klein, an assistant pro at Austin Golf Club, recently completed his sixth certification.

The STPGA notes:

Klein had stated earlier this year that his goal was to complete all six available certifications by the end of 2008, and, as of late July, he has done exactly that. He received a letter from PGA President Brian Whitcomb dated July 24, recognizing his certifications in Executive Management and Ownership/Leasing.

"Through your continued pursuit of higher education, you are an example of The PGA's ongoing efforts to preserve and strengthen our reputation as the experts in the game and business of golf. You continue to distinguish yourself within our industry," said Whitcomb's letter to Klein.

Klein thus became the first STPGA member to accomplish the rare feat.

"I looked at the program as an opportunity for me to learn more and advance myself," said Klein of his achievement. "I juts wanted to see how fast I could do it ... it's something positive for my life, my career and my facility.

"It helps me do my job better. I've learned things that help me do my job better, things that I've incorporated into my day-to-day activities."

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