Friday, February 06, 2009

Aransas Pass 9-Holer Re-Opening

Thanks to reader John McCullough for sending in news of the 9-holer formerly known as Iron Gator. The Iron Gator nine was part of an RV park in Aransas Pass, the RV park having the same name. The course, designed by architect John Colligan's company, opened in 2006 but didn't last long.

McCullough reports that the RV park has re-opened as the Southern Oaks Luxury RV Park, and park personnel told him the golf course will be back in action in October. "My brother, who still lives there, drove by last week and says it starting to look pretty green," he said.

Winter Texans, com on down!

The course will now be called Southern Oaks Golf Course. Here's the Web site.

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