Thursday, February 12, 2009

La Cantera Least-Liked By PGA Tour Pros

The March 2009 issue of Golf Digest includes the magazine's annual survey of PGA Tour pros. One of the questions asked this year was "What's the worst course you play on tour?"

And the winner - a runaway winner, most likely, with 33-percent of the votes - was the Resort Course at La Cantera in San Antonio, host site of the Texas Open (for one more year, before the tournament moves to the TPC San Antonio complex).

This is not a surprise. La Cantera has "won" this dubious distinction before, including a couple years ago in a similar Dallas Morning News survey of the pros. And I've mentioned here before my belief that La Cantera is a terrible place to hold a PGA Tour event.

But - and this is a very important but (so to speak) - for its intended audience, La Cantera's Resort Course is a great course.

Because who was the Resort Course designed for? It wasn't designed for a tiny, very specific slice of golfers (PGA Tour players) playing it in a very specific circumstance (PGA Tour event). It was designed for resort guests. For amateurs, for recreational players.

And for that audience, it's a great course: Fun, different, exciting. Lots of elevated tees and downhill fairways so we "normal" golfers can blast away off the tee; lots of large, mostly unsevere greens on which we can actually make some putts. Great scenery. It's fun. And unlike the tour pros, we're not required to walk it.

It's also fun to know what the PGA Tour pros think of the courses they are playing. But in this case, the pros' answer doesn't really provide any useful insight for the rest of us. They have their reasons for preferring certain types of courses over others, we have ours.


  1. It's funny how things change when you become a highly competitive pro athlete. I wonder how many pros still love to play the sub-par courses they likely grew up playing


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