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New Putter Company in Utopia Offers Unique Design

utopia golf putters

How in the world did little, tiny Utopia, Texas - population 3000; gateway to Garner and Lost Maples state parks; home of some great pie, although I can never remember the name of the cafe serving it; home of Kinky Friedman's dog ranch - become a golfing hotbed?

The latest golf news to emerge from Utopia is the putter company, Utopia Golf Products, which has a couple unique designs that it is currently working to get into pro shops and other retail outlets across the country.

The press release is posted below, after a couple more images. But you can immediately spot what's different about the Utopia putters - that ridge running across the face. Well, in reality, that thin ridge is the face - it's what strikes the ball. Some insight into the design is included in the press release, and you can also check out the Utopia Golf Products website.

utopia golf putters

utopia golf putters

Here is the press release:

Utopia Golf Products Launched with Award-winning Putters

UTOPIA, Texas (September 28, 2009) – Utopia Golf Products, maker of finely-milled performance-based putters, made its official d├ębut at the PGA Fall Expo Sept. 1-2 in Las Vegas with welcome fanfare and highly successful results. Winner of a "Best New Product" award at the Expo, Utopia Golf Products is attracting the attention of golf instructors, equipment buyers, shop owners and players who appreciate the appealing putter designs with built-in performance features, in addition to the accomplished workmanship and high quality of the clubs.

"We are delighted with the great response we have had to our putters from the very start," says Scott Saunders, president of Utopia Golf Products. "It is a pleasure to know we will have the opportunity to enhance the enjoyment and performance of golfers who discover how our putters can help improve their games."

Each Utopia club is designed, milled, hand-assembled, painted and polished to exact standards at the company's manufacturing facility in Utopia, Texas, under the watchful eyes of putter designers Scott Saunders and Michael Hillis.

The Utopia TXR I cavity-back blade putter and TXR II heel-shafted cavity-back mallet putter feature a ridge that acts as the face, creating a thin leading line the company refers to as "The Edge." The purpose of "The Edge" is to give "true roll" to the ball, allowing it to move smoothly along the intended line to the hole and reducing the probability of a mis-hit. Utopia putters are designed to strike the ball just above its equator to provide instant forward roll without skidding, hopping, skipping, side- or backspin.

Utopia Golf Products was founded this year by Bill Deichler, Mike Hillis and Scott Saunders, all residents of Utopia, Texas, a town of under 300 residents located about 80 miles west of San Antonio in Texas Hill Country. Inspired by their own putting woes and their love of the game, they set out to create putters that would offer the pleasure of improved performance to golfers of all skill levels. With the twin goals of striving to perfect their own play and providing opportunities to others to improve their games, the founders decided to name their company "Utopia Golf Products," both in honor of their beloved little hometown and to reflect the unlimited potential of their creations.

Utopia putters will be available at pro shops, green-grass retailers, sporting goods retailers and other golf retail outlets across the U.S, as well as on the company Web site. The putters can be imprinted with club, corporate or organization logos. They make perfect tee and tournament prizes or great gifts any time of year.

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