Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Courtesy Cars at Texas Open - Courtesy Trucks

At PGA Tour stops around the country, arriving pros are provided with courtesy cars. The cars are typically luxury cars. That's what the Valero Texas Open has always done. But not this year. This year, as the Texas Open moves to the TPC San Antonio complex, tournament entrants will get trucks. The AP explains:

As tournaments scramble to provide courtesy cars for PGA Tour players, the Texas Open not only created a partnership with the Ford Motor Co. officials in its region, it found a way to match its theme of being "Unapologetically Texas."

Players won't get courtesy cars in San Antonio. They'll get courtesy pickup trucks.

Ford provided a mixture of vehicles last year when the Texas Open first moved to its May date, and that included a couple of trucks.

"We heard some favorable comments that they thought that was neat," tournament director Craig Smith said. "One of them called me ahead of time and said, 'Can I get one of those trucks to drive?' I said to tell him it would be an extra 15 minutes so they can finish installing the gun rack."

That got tournament officials wondering if they could add a local flavor to the oldest PGA Tour stop in the Lone Star State.

Smith met with Ford officials and asked about the chances of providing pickup trucks to the players. Ford liked the idea, and didn't flinch when Smith asked about getting the King Ranch truck, named after the largest ranch in the United States.

"We'll have all King Ranch pickup trucks," Smith said. "Obviously, we'll have Expeditions and other SUVs for guys traveling with their families. But unless you've got a bunch of kids, these big-boy trucks are all you need."

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