Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tip: Load and Coil Behind Ball With Simple Drill

A few days ago we told you about Texas' top young golf instructors - five teachers in Texas named to Golf Digest's list of the best instructors in America under age 40.

We're very pleased to present the following video tip to Texas Golf readers, courtesy of one of those instructors:

The instructor is Joey Wuertemberger of the Jim McLean Golf Center in Fort Worth. In the above video, Joey demonstrates a pretty simple drill that golfers can do indoors, in the home or the office, during the winter or on inclement days, to help groove a better backswing position.

The backswing position in question is part of what Jim McLean calls the "2 Pivot Point Swing," and Joey shows how this drill will help you properly load and coil behind the golf ball.

And check out Joey's website, JW Instruction, for more info about him and his lessons.

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